A Message from Our President: Ivan Van Essen

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In caller days, nan FDIC took power of deposits astatine California-based Silicon Valley Bank and New York-based Signature Bank. Banking experts, regulators, and state/federal agencies proceed to stress nan unsocial circumstances facing Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. Each slope faced scenarios related finance strategies and customer concentrations that put unsocial pressures connected their capitalization successful a rising-rate environment.

The manufacture arsenic a full has go substantially much resilient complete nan past 10 to 15 years owed successful ample portion to a number of regulations aimed astatine protecting consumers and mini businesses. In short, regulators require stronger and much blimpish superior and consequence profiles.

We are assured that Minnwest Bank remains a safe and sound institution for our customers. We service customers crossed a assortment of divers industries, business models, and business types crossed nan communities we serve. This diversification, on pinch a much diversified portfolio finance strategy, ensures a consistently beardown superior position. As a organization bank, Minnwest Bank remains good capitalized and good positioned to proceed to service our customers and community.

We return pridefulness successful our relationship-based business exemplary focused connected building semipermanent spot pinch our customers. After all, we unrecorded successful your organization too, and your occurrence is our success.

We admit that our customers whitethorn person questions astir nan information of their deposits and want to connection immoderate timely discourse and important information. 

We are present for you and disposable to talk done your circumstantial needs now and successful nan future. We’re proud to service nan organization and clasp adjacent relationships pinch galore of its civic leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, students, families, and organization members.