Amazon Ring Is the Latest Target of Notorious Ransomware Gang

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Ring, nan integer information camera strategy owned by Amazon, mightiness person been nan latest target of ransomware group ALPHV, whose malware is besides known arsenic BlackCat.

A listing connected ALPHV's tract displays nan Ring logo and nan connection "there's ever an action to fto america leak your data," Vice reported.

The ransomware gang, which launched successful precocious 2021 and has been responsible for aggregate hacks, posts precocious hacked victims connected a page of its tract called "Collections," wherever it threatens to merchandise information should nan victims not salary up.

Ring told nan outlet that contempt nan threat, location is nary grounds that its systems were deed pinch a breach. However, it did mention that a third-party vendor for nan institution has been deed pinch ransomware, and Ring is moving pinch it to study more. It did not specify what nan third-party vendor is but did opportunity that it doesn't person entree to customer records.

It remains unclear what information aliases accusation ALPHV whitethorn person obtained if nan hacking did happen. But this isn't nan first clip Ring has been targeted by hackers.

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In 2019, hackers accessed Ring cameras each complete nan state utilizing accusation obtained successful erstwhile hacks. In 1 peculiarly unsettling case, hackers accessed nan camera of a Ring group up successful nan chamber of 3 young girls successful Tennessee and began speaking to nan girls done nan device's speakers. The hack was stopped quickly erstwhile their parents turned disconnected nan camera and added two-factor authentification, a information mounting they hadn't group up before. Still, nan hack presented caller fears and opportunities for consumers and hackers, respectively.

Following nan Tennessee incident and a slew of others, Ring increased security and added a privateness dashboard wherever users tin easy negociate their devices.

Though it hasn't been confirmed what — if immoderate — information ALPHV has obtained, it mightiness beryllium clip to alteration your Ring password to beryllium safe.

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