An SEO guide to understanding E-E-A-T

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Google precocious added an other “E” to nan hunt value standards of E-A-T to guarantee content is adjuvant and relevant.

The other “E” stands for “experience” and precedes nan original E-A-T conception – expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. 

We cognize that E-A-T was already of precocious importance. Hyung-Jin Kim, VP of Search astatine Google, confirmed this astatine SMX Next: 

“E-A-T is simply a template for really we complaint an individual site. We do it to each azygous query and each azygous result. It’s pervasive passim each azygous point we do.”

To rank astatine Google’s SERPs, you must show E-E-A-T successful your contented strategy. 

This broad overview will excavation deeper into E-E-A-T – specifically what it means, why it matters to SEO, and really to usage it to your advantage.

In this article:

  • E-E-A-T: What does it mean for SEO and why is it important? 
  • Demonstrating E-E-A-T to Google.
  • Levels of E-E-A-T.
  • SEO tips for achieving E-E-A-T.

E-E-A-T: What does it mean for SEO and why is it important?

Trust is earned by demonstrating experience, expertise and authoritativeness, according to Google’s hunt value rater guidelines. 

Venn Diagram demonstrates really E-E-A-T works. Experience, authority and expertise each transverse complete successful nan mediate which is wherever spot is.

As a ranking factor, E-E-A-T feels much than reasonable. After all, successful nan existent world, we spot sources who are qualified and would for illustration to get accusation aliases proposal from charismatic people.

Google provides a cleanable illustration of this successful nan Google Search Central Blog, pointing retired that if you want to find taxation information, you’ll want to spot contented produced by an accounting expert. 

A taxation advisor aliases accountant would beryllium a highly desirable root since they person experience, expertise and authority connected nan subject, truthful we spot what they person to say. We tin beryllium judge we’re getting meticulous and sound information. 

Google wants to supply meticulous accusation to its users, truthful to summation traction successful SERPs and get your tract to nan apical spots, you request to show E-E-A-T.

Demonstrating E-E-A-T to Google

SEO is highly accountable for delivering what’s needed to meet E-E-A-T standards, but what does it mean precisely and really do you prove experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness?

The bully news is astir conscientious website administrators, SEOs, and trading teams are already doing what they request to and processing E-E-A-T correct now.

The Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab compiled 10 guidelines for building web credibility based connected three-year investigation pinch complete 4,500 participants.

  1. Make it easy to verify nan accuracy of nan accusation connected your site.
  2. Show that there’s a existent statement down your site.
  3. Highlight nan expertise successful your statement and successful nan contented and services you provide.
  4. Show that honorable and trustworthy group guidelines down your site.
  5. Make it easy to interaction you.
  6. Design your tract truthful it looks master (or is due for your purpose).
  7. Make your tract easy to usage – and useful.
  8. Update your site’s contented often (at slightest show it’s been reviewed recently).
  9. Use restraint pinch immoderate promotional contented (e.g., ads, offers).
  10. Avoid errors of each types, nary matter really mini they seem.
– Stanford Web Credibility Research

If nan supra doesn’t scream, “Be a human, attraction astir your users and your website experience,” I don’t cognize what does.

Let’s break down E-E-A-T and spot really SEO tin power it pinch nan supra guidelines successful mind.


Think of lived acquisition – specifically, first-hand experiences connected nan taxable you’re penning about.

Experience is particularly important successful a integer world moving toward generative AI content. 

AI tin never show existent experiences of anything. At best, it tin make assumptions astir nan quality experience, but nan contented it generates won’t beryllium unique.

It’s astir apt nary coincidence that Google announced nan summation of “experience” successful its hunt value raters guidelines soon aft ChatGPT’s launch. 

Experience is simply a halfway differentiator betwixt human- and AI-written content.

You tin showcase your acquisition by sharing nan faces down your website. This connection lines up pinch Stanford’s web credibility guidelines to:

  • Show that there’s a existent statement down your site.
  • Highlight nan expertise successful your statement and successful nan contented and services you provide.
  • Show that honorable and trustworthy group guidelines down your site.

Achieving this doesn’t person to beryllium complicated. Consider a well-thought-out About america page to stock your team’s credentials and qualifications. 

Think of what makes you consciousness safer earlier you walk your money connected a merchandise aliases work and transportation that to nan integer world.


Expertise relates to nan grade of knowledge demonstrated wrong your article aliases by nan writer. 

The rater guidelines propose that an author’s expertise aliases authoritativeness connected a taxable would count considerably toward demonstrating expertise.

But there’s immoderate grounds suggesting that an author’s authority arsenic an individual doesn’t matter to E-A-T (dare I say, yet).

Take a look astatine this WordStream article. The writer is unknown, yet a hunt for “Google E-A-T” brings “unknown’s” article to nan premier position astatine nan apical of Google pinch a sought-after featured snippet. 

Screenshot from Google SERPs shows an article pinch an chartless writer ranking successful nan apical spot.

You tin stake that Google values this article arsenic nan champion 1 to rank, and it’s astir apt received much than its adjacent stock of clicks.

Although writer authority doesn’t look to power Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines successful this example, I wouldn’t beryllium excessively speedy to disregard it. 

WordStream is apt perceived arsenic a highly charismatic website connected this matter. Plus, writer expertise is elaborate successful nan value rater guidelines (more connected this successful nan Tips section).

As AI contented rises further and Google’s algorithm gets much sophisticated, it can’t wounded to show an author’s expertise connected a subject. 

Besides, expertise will build assurance pinch nan quality reference your content, truthful I would still see adding:

  • The author’s name.
  • A descriptive bio containing:
    • Their applicable qualifications.
    • Links to their societal media profiles.
  • A Person schema pinch applicable properties for certifications aliases professions.

Building spot pinch your assemblage will consequence successful different affirmative engagements that bespeak to nan algorithm that your tract is 1 to spot and rank.

Moreover, Google’s hunt value raters guidelines are clear connected what acquisition entails: 

“…which would you alternatively trust: location electrical rewiring proposal from a skilled electrician aliases from an ancient location enthusiast who has nary knowledge of electrical wiring.” 

In nan lawsuit of nan WordStream article, it whitethorn beryllium that nan tract itself had capable authority connected nan taxable of Google E-A-T that it could rank pinch an chartless writer.


Authoritativeness considers nan grade to which a contented creator is known arsenic a go-to root connected nan topic. 

Authority tin beryllium demonstrated successful 3 halfway ways: 

  • Establishing a beardown contented architecture covering each aspects of a peculiar topic.
  • Earning backlinks from different charismatic sites.
  • Building a integer floor plan aliases individual marque arsenic an master successful a peculiar topic.

Authority, expertise and acquisition spell manus successful hand. You can’t beryllium an authority connected a taxable without acquisition and expertise, and vice versa.

Let’s excavation further into nan ways you tin build authority utilizing SEO.

Content architecture and topical authority

Building topical authority makes consciousness to appease Google E-E-A-T and applies successful nan existent world.

Think astir it this way… 

If you were hiring an SEO advisor who could show you astir keywords, you mightiness see them reasonably authoritative. 

If nan aforesaid SEO could show you astir keywords, backlinks and method SEO pinch confidence, they’re going to look moreover much authoritative. 

If nan SEO could do each of nan supra and beryllium their expertise done lawsuit studies (experience) and subordinate SEO to different forms of marketing, they’re going to look highly authoritative. 

You’re much apt to spot and prosecute nan personification pinch nan astir magnitude of authority.

Regarding E-E-A-T, you tin show authoritativeness pinch a coagulated content strategy. 

Diagram showing topical cluster relating to nan taxable "puzzles"

Your contented strategy should see everything your imaginable buyer/site visitant will want to know. Develop and document a strategy to present answers successful a measurement that exhibits E-E-A-T successful each article. 

The much high-quality contented successfully indexed by Google, nan much charismatic your tract becomes connected a peculiar subject.

Once again, nan thought of publishing contented that is genuinely adjuvant supports Standford’s web credibility guidelines:

  • Make it easy to interaction you.
  • Make it easy to verify nan accuracy of nan accusation connected your site.
  • Design your tract truthful it looks master (or is due for your purpose).
  • Make your tract easy to usage – and useful.
  • Update your site’s contented often (at slightest show it’s been reviewed recently).
  • Use restraint pinch immoderate promotional contented (e.g., ads, offers).
  • Avoid errors of each types, nary matter really mini they seem.

Helpful content that supports buyers done their travel will people execute each of these items. 

Backlinks from charismatic sites

Although they carry little weight than they utilized to, backlinks are still an parameter of an charismatic site. If personification links to your tract referencing accusation you published, this is simply a motion that you tin beryllium trusted. 

Earning backlinks from different charismatic sites will besides bespeak that your tract is trustworthy. The captious point to statement is that authority refers much to topical authority relating to expertise and acquisition and not domain authority.

For example, Google recognizes Search Engine Land arsenic an authority successful SEO. A hunt for “SEO publications” ranks Search Engine Land connected Page 1. At nan bottommost of SERPs, Google associates Search Engine Land arsenic an SEO source. 

Screenshot of Google SERPs showing Search Engine Land listed arsenic an SEO root connected Google.

As a trusted website, a nexus from Search Engine Land to an article carries immoderate weight.

Google knows it tin spot Search Engine Land erstwhile it comes to SEO, truthful if there’s an outer nexus to a topically applicable website (say an SEO study aliases research), it will adhd immoderate denotation that nan linked tract tin besides beryllium trusted.

Building a integer floor plan aliases individual brand

If you tin show Google who you are and what you do, you tin found authority and expertise connected a peculiar subject.

Sara Taher, an SEO advisor and speaker, achieves this pinch awesome success. Taher’s knowledge sheet intelligibly says she is simply a “Canadian-based SEO consultant.”

The sheet has her societal links and shares specifications of her authored pieces. 

Sara Taher's knowledge sheet shows that she's recognized arsenic an SEO consultant.

We tin spot that Google knows Taher is an authority connected SEO. With this successful mind, it’s unsurprising that Taher has articles ranking number 1 successful Google for SEO-related topics.

Screenshot shows an article written by Sara Taher successful Position 1 connected Google.


When we break it down, we’ll spot that spot is developed by showcasing experience, expertise and authority successful aggregate.

Building E-E-A-T is simply a semipermanent process. Be mindful of these halfway pillars erstwhile creating a contented strategy truthful SEO tin activity properly.

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Levels of E-E-A-T

E-E-A-T is simply a wide spectrum, and immoderate sites person higher levels of E-E-A-T than others. 

Within Google's hunt value rater guidelines, there's guidance connected what E-E-A-T looks for illustration astatine various levels.

The purpose is to build E-E-A-T to nan highest imaginable level, but each website will request to move done nan levels complete clip – apt years.

It's worthy noting that astir websites won't person debased E-E-A-T, provided nan contented they're putting retired location is genuinely helpful. 

The lowest E-E-A-T websites will look and publication spammy. Equally, precocious levels of E-E-A-T will beryllium challenging to achieve. 

Website owners must purpose to stock bully knowledge and build topical clusters that service buyers astatine each measurement of their journey.

All that said, it's bully to cognize what nan different levels of E-E-A-T look for illustration according to nan guidelines.

Lowest E-E-A-T

Pages pinch nan lowest E-E-A-T will astir apt look and consciousness spammy to nan quality eye. Interestingly, nan lowest E-E-A-T pages neglect to meet an optimal page experience. 

"Obstructed aliases obscured MC [main content]" relates much to page acquisition than thing else.

Pages pinch nan pursuing characteristics should beryllium considered untrustworthy: 

  • Inadequate accusation astir nan website aliases contented creator for its purpose.
  • Lowest E-E-A-T aliases Lowest reputation.
  • Deceptive purpose, deceptive page design, aliases deceptive intent.
  • Deliberately obstructed aliases obscured MC.
  • Characteristics of scams, malicious downloads, aliases different harmful behavior.
  • Any webpage aliases website designed to manipulate group into actions that use nan website aliases different statement while causing harm to self, others, aliases Specified Groups.

Lacking E-E-A-T

The rater guidelines propose that a website tin deficiency E-E-A-T connected a taxable contempt having a affirmative estimation elsewhere. This suggested that page and topical relevancy is of precocious importance.

As elaborate below, it wouldn't make consciousness for a cooking website to stock a taxation shape download. It nary longer matters that nan cooking mightiness beryllium different trustworthy if nan topical relevance is low.

Low-quality pages often deficiency an due level of E-E-A-T for nan taxable aliases intent of nan page. Here are immoderate examples: 

  • The contented creator lacks capable acquisition (e.g., a edifice reappraisal written by personification who has ne'er eaten astatine nan restaurant). 
  • The contented creator lacks capable expertise (e.g., an article astir really to skydive written by personification pinch nary expertise successful nan subject).
  • The website aliases contented creator is not an charismatic aliases trustworthy root for nan page's taxable (e.g., taxation shape downloads provided connected a cooking website).
  • The page aliases website is not trustworthy for its intent (e.g., a shopping page pinch minimal customer work information). 

Important: The Low standing should beryllium utilized if nan page lacks due E-E-A-T. No different considerations, specified arsenic a affirmative estimation aliases nan type of website, tin flooded a deficiency of E-E-A-T for nan taxable aliases intent of nan page. 

High level of E-E-A-T

Websites pinch precocious levels of E-E-A-T will execute and show experience, expertise, authority and trust. 

Screenshot sharing nan experience, expertise, authority and spot required for precocious E-E-A-T websites.

Google describes precocious E-E-A-T websites arsenic news aliases authorities sites but besides highly applicable videos, mini business websites and blog posts.

Don't beryllium dismayed astir achieving precocious levels of E-E-A-T. Every website has a chance!

Very precocious level of E-E-A-T

Websites that showcase nan highest levels of E-E-A-T will look bully to nan user. 

High E-E-A-T pages will fulfill hunt intent and will beryllium location to high-quality, well-written articles pinch grounds of knowledge and expertise.

In nan documentation, Google says:

"The standards for Highest value MC whitethorn beryllium very different depending connected nan purpose, topic, and type of website. Here are immoderate examples of Highest value original content:

  • For news : Original reporting that provides accusation that would not different person been known had nan article not revealed it. Accurate, original, in-depth, and investigative reporting requires a precocious level of skill/talent and effort. Very precocious value news contented will see a explanation of superior sources and different original reporting referenced during nan contented creation process. Very precocious value news contented must beryllium meticulous and should meet master journalistic standards.
  • For creator contented (videos, images, photography, writing, etc.): Unique and original contented created by highly skilled and talented artists aliases contented creators. Such creator contented requires a precocious level of skill/talent and effort. If nan creator contented is related to a YMYL taxable (e.g., creator contented pinch nan intent of informing aliases swaying sentiment astir YMYL topics), YMYL standards should apply.
  • For informational content: Original, accurate, comprehensive, intelligibly communicated, and should bespeak master statement arsenic appropriate. Expectations for different types of accusation whitethorn vary. For example, technological papers person a different group of expectations than a societal media station sharing accusation astir a hobby specified arsenic stamp collecting. However, each types of very precocious value informational contented stock communal characteristics of accuracy and clarity of communication, successful summation to gathering standards due to nan taxable aliases field. The Highest standing whitethorn beryllium justified for pages pinch very satisfying MC created pinch a very precocious level of effort, originality, talent, aliases skill." 

When building a level of E-E-A-T, asking if thing feels correct connected your website is essential.

Aim to beryllium consistently useful crossed nan site, showcasing genuine knowledge and expertise, and you should meet E-E-A-T.

SEO tips for achieving E-E-A-T

The astir conscientious of america are already connected nan trajectory of achieving precocious levels of E-E-A-T, but if you're still unconvinced or'd for illustration a steer, present are immoderate tips.

Consider page experience

Google algorithms thin to build connected and germinate alternatively than supersede each other. Although we heard astir page experience a while back, it is still imperative.

Look astatine nan National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's BMI calculator page. In nan rater guidelines, Google classifies it arsenic having nan highest E-E-A-T.

Screenshot from Google rater guidelines shows really page acquisition impacts E-E-A-T.

As seen from nan screenshot, nan page value standing and mentation see plentifulness of factors, including nan estimation and expertise connected aesculapian topics and nan wide functionality of nan page.

The page's functionality and nan BMI calculator's usability provender into its E-E-A-T.

Get technical

It's not overmuch of a leap to presume that if functioning page experiences matter, past truthful does nan website's functionality.

Keep your tract tidy and maintain method SEO foundations, like:

  • Reducing 404s which consequence successful a mediocre personification experience.
  • Reducing crawl complaint truthful Googlebot tin find each nan bully accusation connected your tract and not copy aliases missing pages and daisy-chained redirects. 
  • Adding alt matter to your images, truthful each users person a affirmative experience.

Show your humans pinch an About america aliases Team page

The caller "E" is present for a bully reason, truthful showcase your experience.

As mentioned, see each nan points and frictions successful nan existent world. What do your customers request to spot to consciousness they tin spot you?

If I were hiring a lawyer, for example, I'd want to cognize who they are, what their expertise is and what their credentials are. Put this accusation connected your website

Lawyers and service-based businesses tin showcase their acquisition online successful a measurement that is easy to understand. 

On their squad page, BD&P Law showcases experience, education, master engagement and awards. This helps Google build a image of who each squad personnel is. 

Person page from BD&P Law shows acquisition champion practice.

All this accusation is adjuvant to Google and useful for a personification needing a lawyer.

Another action is creating an Awards page if your circumstantial manufacture values them.

You wouldn't person known everything you cognize now without researching and learning from different reliable sources, right? 

Don't beryllium acrophobic to nexus to nan sites that helped you create your content, peculiarly successful article/blog writing.

Linking to reliable resources shows you've done your research, allowing your personification to publication related contented (don't worry, they'll travel back!). Google tin besides verify nan accusation you're sharing.

Add aliases update contented regularly

Add caller contented arsenic regularly arsenic you tin to support your tract competitive. This springiness you thing to stock pinch your target assemblage and shows Google you're progressive and successful business.

Don't hide to update existing content. Some queries request updates specified arsenic breaking news, merchandise releases aliases reoccurring events (TV shows, nan Olympics, sporting events and more). 

Naturally, Google will prioritize updated pieces of contented successful these instances. But I wouldn't slumber regularly for a tract extracurricular nan supra categories.

At nan move of nan New Year, a joke circulates successful nan SEO organization that we request to update our blogs from "Best Dancing Shoes to Buy successful 2022" to "Best Dancing Shoes to Buy successful 2023." 

I don't deliberation this update will walk nan E-E-A-T checks arsenic Google inevitably gets smarter. Take your clip to update contented properly. What's changed? What other do group request to know?

Perhaps there's an statement to opportunity that nary contented is genuinely evergreen. At immoderate point, it'll request a small tweak to clasp nan astir caller and trustworthy information.

Build topical clusters

The value of topical clusters has been mentioned already, but it is important to showcase expertise. 

You can't beryllium taxable matter expertise pinch a azygous webpage. (Well, possibly you tin if it's book-length content. But I'm not convinced your users want 60,000 words connected 1 webpage.)

If you've sewage articles astir a subject, past nexus them together. 

You don't request to do thing exceptionally clever to build authority done internal links. 

Simply nexus applicable pieces of contented together, truthful it is useful for your audience. Think of a related webpage nan personification mightiness want to spot next.

Include different contented types

Content is much than conscionable words connected a page. On apical of nan emblematic blog post, see creating: 

  • Videos.
  • Podcasts.
  • Webinars. 
  • Other types of short- aliases long-form content.

If a video is nan champion measurement to fulfill personification intent, usage it to your advantage.

Try for a Wikipedia page

Wikipedia is known for having a robust process. It's not easy to get a Wikipedia page truthful having 1 tin thief you look much authoritative. 

It'll besides thief sites gain knowledge graphs successful nan SERPs – a clear parameter that Google pays attraction to Wikipedia.

Engage experts

If you're adding contented to your site, see quotes from experts aliases person experts constitute nan article.

An article written by personification in-the-know is going to beryllium acold much compelling than 1 that's not. 

A precocious E-E-A-T blog station connected parenting is highlighted successful nan rater guidelines. It's written by an writer who's known arsenic an master connected nan taxable of parenting issues. 

Screenshot from rater guidelines shows Google's attraction connected master authors contributing to E-E-A-T.

You tin create expertise connected a taxable by building your marque and showcasing your contented connected different sites done impermanent posting.

Encourage reviews

Reviews supply impervious of expertise. If your customers are happy and Google tin spot this successful nan information aliases entities related to your website (like Google Business Profile), this tin only spell successful your site's favor.

Final thoughts connected E-E-A-T

We cognize there's nary measurement to place a precocious E-E-A-T website. Instead, Google looks astatine a multitude of factors.

While it tin beryllium an overwhelming concept, it is simply a straightforward and effective measurement to gauge contented quality. 

Treat your web users for illustration your offline customers, cognize their needs and service them. 

Treat your website for illustration your location aliases brick-and-mortar store. Keep it tidy and updated, and you should person nary problem achieving immoderate decent levels of E-E-A-T.

All this ensures you're providing worth and building spot astatine each step.

Opinions expressed successful this article are those of nan impermanent writer and not needfully Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here.