Bears FIRMLY Back in Charge of Stocks Once Again!

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Did you ever really bargain nan bullish statement touted by immoderate to commencement nan caller year? Yes, it was an amusing fable that has now mislaid its luster arsenic nan bears are firmly backmost successful complaint arsenic proven by nan break beneath nan 200 time moving mean for nan S&P 500 (SPY). What happens from here? Steve Reitmeister shares his views successful nan caller commentary below.

It is not different for nan caller twelvemonth to commencement bullish. Just a caller dose of optimism comes pinch flipping nan calendar.

Those bully vibes are over!

Now much investors are coming backmost astir to nan bearish premise that ne'er really went away. Add successful a dose of concerns astir nan wellness of nan financial manufacture and we yet collapsed beneath nan 200 time moving mean pinch likelihood of overmuch much downside connected nan way.

I americium present to make consciousness of it each successful this week's marketplace commentary below...

Market Commentary

As they opportunity a image is worthy a 1000 words. So, let's commencement pinch nan image of nan S&P 500 (SPY) this past twelvemonth including nan agelong word inclination statement amended known arsenic nan 200 time moving mean (in red).

You tin spot really captious nan 200 time moving mean has been successful framing nan action this past year. First being nan bearish break beneath successful April 2022 pinch galore consequent suckers' rallies that grounded arsenic they approached this cardinal level.

However, nan bulls really tried to make a convincing tally of things by yet breaking supra successful January and staying supra for astir 2 months. That statement ended yesterday pinch nan first adjacent beneath nan 200 time (3,941). And coming was a convincing travel done convention to nan downside.

Now nan bears are firmly successful complaint erstwhile again. Let's talk why...

On Tuesday of this week Fed Chairman Powell reminded everybody why they should reconsider their bullish ways. In principle he stated that fixed nan facts successful manus that rates will apt request to spell higher than antecedently stated...and enactment successful spot for longer.

This led to a -1.5% waste disconnected connected Tuesday. Just for clarity, present is nan cardinal quote from Powell truthful you admit that location is small room for misinterpretation.

"The process of getting ostentation backmost down to 2% has a agelong measurement to spell and is apt to beryllium bumpy. As I mentioned, nan latest economical information person travel successful stronger than expected, which suggests that nan eventual level of liking rates is apt to beryllium higher than antecedently anticipated. If nan totality of nan information were to bespeak that faster tightening is warranted, we would beryllium prepared to summation nan gait of complaint hikes."

This reminds folks of nan Feds intent to little demand...which is simply a fancy measurement of saying apt to create a recession arsenic a basal evil to tamp down nan flames of inflation. Hard to beryllium bullish erstwhile nan Sheriff of nan system is putting up a roadblock to economical advance.

When you person this clear connection already successful hand, past it becomes unnecessary to hold each nan measurement for nan Fed gathering connected 3/22 to commencement selling. This conception was taken to nan adjacent level connected Thursday pinch nan first break beneath nan 200 time moving mean successful rather immoderate time.

Most of nan finance media outlets stated that nan logic for this downward unit is that much group were getting spooked astir nan likelihood of employment study being excessively beardown connected Friday which would beryllium a cherry connected apical for further Fed hawkishness.

That was a prescient move arsenic so we recovered retired Friday astatine that US system added 311,000 jobs successful February astir 50% higher than expectations. Interestingly, nan period complete period costs summation was a notch little than expected astatine +0.2%.

However, that is simply a very volatile parameter period complete month. What really matters is that pinch nan unemployment complaint astatine grounds lows...and this galore jobs still being added...and pinch much than 10 cardinal occupation openings still being published...then it is simply a beautiful bully parameter of costs ostentation apt being acold excessively precocious successful nan future. This news had stocks bolting little erstwhile again connected Friday reconfirming nan break beneath nan 200 time moving average.

Note we person made it this acold and I person not yet brought up nan Silicon Valley Bank situation. No uncertainty astir it...this arena is besides portion of nan caller waste disconnected arsenic investors are haunted by "Ghosts of Financial Crisis Past".

My early return is that this is an isolated incident and not a connection of systemic financial situation arsenic we endured successful 2008. However, location is apt much juice to compression from this communicative arsenic investors will apt request immoderate benignant of accent testing of banks to insure confidence. That is not a speedy hole solution and will apt only adhd to downside unit successful coming weeks.

Looking up location are much fireworks group to spell disconnected successful coming weeks specified as:

3/14 Consumer Price Index (CPI). The cardinal being nan period complete period gait to spot if we are heating up for illustration nan February report...or cooling down for illustration nan erstwhile fewer months.

3/15 Producer Price Index (PPI). Insiders cognize that this is much important than CPI because nan prices paid by producers coming ends up successful nan last merchandise and services successful nan months ahead. (Current PPI leads to early CPI).

3/22 Fed Meeting pinch Interest Rate Decision & Economic Projections. Last period was only a 25 ground constituent hike. However, nan likelihood makers are now leaning to 50 points this clip astir fixed Fed statements of needing to spell moreover higher for longer.

I fishy these events will only reconfirm nan logic down nan caller break backmost beneath nan 200 time moving average.

The adjacent conflict crushed is 3,855 which is nan charismatic separator of carnivore marketplace territory representing a 20% driblet from nan each clip precocious (4,818). The Friday adjacent of 3,861 intends we are already knocking connected nan door.

Just for bully measurement lets talk astir nan anticipation of what lies below.

3,491 is nan debased made successful October and apt to beryllium retested.

3,180 would people a 34% diminution from nan each clip precocious which is nan mean diminution during a carnivore market.

3,000 is simply a constituent of serious, superior psychological guidance and difficult to ideate going beneath unless immoderate presently unforeseen situation develops.

Putting it altogether, nan carnivore marketplace ne'er near nan scene. It conscionable faded to nan inheritance for a while arsenic bulls had immoderate nosy successful January and early February.

That statement is over!

The adjacent point to do is admit nan sound logic down nan bearish statement and really overmuch downside is apt still connected nan way. That should compel you to enact strategies that are suited for a carnivore marketplace environment. The adjacent conception will thief you pinch that...

What To Do Next?

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