Business sustainability ratings provider EcoVadis unveils Carbon Heatmap

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EcoVadis, a supplier of business sustainability ratings, has added nan Carbon Heatmap to its Carbon Action Module solution.

According to EcoVadis, nan solution battalion provides a elemental introduction constituent into a supplier decarbonisation journey.

Carbon Heatmap is perfect for companies who want an intelligent c emissions consequence mapping instrumentality to quickly and easy place c hotspots crossed their trading partners.

Using best-in-class c hotspot mapping analysis, EcoVadis claims nan Carbon Heatmap provides a broad c emissions consequence calculation crossed a company’s worth concatenation and prioritizes ‘hot spots’ for decarbonization successful a matter of hours to days. With Carbon Heatmap, companies tin place nan highest imaginable areas for GHG capacity betterment and create actionable c emissions simplification strategies.

EcoVadis said, “Carbon Heatmap is simply a cost-effective solution for companies that want to make advancement connected their sustainability efforts without committing important resources upfront. The solution combines EcoVadis’ unsocial repository of GHG emissions information based connected 14,000-plus reporting organizations crossed nan world.

“It besides pulls from robust nationalist databases on pinch an organization’s circumstantial walk and criticality data. The methodology is continuously updated based connected nan latest manufacture research, standards and lit review.”

The Carbon Heatmap besides includes nan expertise to floor plan an unlimited number of suppliers, nan mapping of wide emissions consequence by country, industry, emissions root and much and besides provides customised recommendations that let organisations to petition action towards decarbonisation and c emissions consequence mitigation.

EcoVadis wide solutions manager, carbon, Julia Salant said, “Given nan urgency of nan ambiance crisis, companies are seeking to trim their c emissions and create a much sustainable business exemplary that impacts not conscionable their bottommost line, but besides benefits some nan satellite and society.

“Carbon Heatmap is simply a game-changer to thief organizations activity towards their sustainability goals. Companies tin now return a much strategical and data-driven attack to make nan astir important effect successful reducing emissions and driving proviso concatenation decarbonization.”

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