Cross-border payments company Thunes raises $30m, so far

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Thunes, a cross-border payments FinTech company, has reportedly raised $30m successful an ongoing Series C backing round.

The superior was supplied by London-based hedge money Marshall Wace, according to a study from PYMNTS. Thunes did not outline what nan full size of nan Series C information is aliases who immoderate of nan different backers are.

In a connection to PYMNTS, it said, “Our conversations pinch world investors are changeless and ongoing, and arsenic we proceed to prosecute pinch them, we spot a beardown liking successful Thunes’ capabilities, arsenic good arsenic a belief that nan cross-border payments assemblage will proceed to turn and spot beardown demand.”

Headquartered successful Singapore, Thunes is building a world costs infrastructure to amended costs experiences. It offers a elemental relationship to APIs that let businesses and customers to nonstop and person payments from each parts of nan world.

Its features see cross-border payments, business payments, virtual accounts, wide payouts, collections and a business hub.  

Last year, Thunes acquired a $20m mostly stake successful AML and compliance exertion institution Tookitaki.

The woody added Tookitaki’s compliance and AML devices into nan Thunes world network, allowing businesses to amended safeguard their operations and bolster transparency astir costs flows.

Another awesome improvement from Thunes successful 2022 was an expansion successful Greater China. The institution revealed its plans to build section partnerships pinch section integer costs providers to make faster and cheaper payments to and from China. For nan description , its eyes are group connected mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong.  

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