Echo Re leverages data exchange platform ADEPT to connect with Aon

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16th March 2023 - Author: Kassandra Jimenez-Sanchez

Reinsurer Echo Re, a wholly owned subsidiary of nan German DEVK Group, has announced it has expanded its usage of ADEPT to thrust businesslike information speech pinch Aon.

big-dataAccording to nan announcement, nan extended integration of nan ACORD Data Exchange Platform and Translator (ADEPT) – built by ACORD Solutions Group – will let Echo Re to interact pinch digitally enabled brokers and cedents astir nan world.

Most recently, it enabled nan reinsurer to nonstop and person ACORD Global Reinsurance and Large Commercial (GRLC) accounting (EBOT) messages pinch Aon’s Reinsurance Solutions successful nan Asia Pacific region.

Through relationship to ADEPT, nan reinsurer highlighted, some Echo Re and Aon tin seamlessly transact crossed nan afloat ACORD GRLC accounting and colony workflow.

Nicole Kos, Team Lead Technical Accounting & Claims, Echo Re, said: “As a perpetually increasing reinsurer pinch only constricted resources for IT projects, we are ever looking for state-of-the-art marketplace options to heighten and automate our processes.

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“With ADEPT we were impressed really accelerated and seamless nan full B2B implementation process went. In almost nary time, we were capable to trial and yet person messages successful a unrecorded situation for Technical Accounts, Claims and Financial Accounts.”

She added: “After only a fewer transactions, we tin already spot really considerably it reduces nan administrative clip spent connected processing. This speedy implementation was imaginable acknowledgment to nan truth that Echo Re, arsenic good arsenic Aon, person already been utilizing ADEPT arsenic a level truthful that virtually it only needed nan dots to beryllium connected, and pinch each further implementation it seems to go easier.”

Echo Re antecedently implemented ADEPT to digitise interactions pinch non-digitally enabled brokers and cedents. This first usage of ADEPT provided nan reinsurer pinch system information each clip a transaction from a non-digitally enabled agent aliases cedent was processed.

Through ADEPT’s integrated archive digitization tool, ACORD Transcriber, nan resulting mappings were made disposable for each ADEPT users to leverage successful nan ADEPT GRLC Mapping Library, Echo Re explained.

ADEPT facilitates real-time information exchange, translation, and transformation. It integrates pinch existing platforms, portals, and infrastructure to link trading partners astir nan world, sloppy of their existing level of information speech maturity.

Louise Davies, Aon Reinsurance Global eCommerce Lead, commented: “Aon’s Reinsurance Solutions has been progressive successful Ruschlikon messaging for respective years and remains committed to onboarding arsenic galore of our reinsurer markets arsenic imaginable to maximise operational ratio and costs performance.

“Our Asia squad welcomed nan opportunity to activity pinch Echo Re and ACORD Solutions Group connected what proved to beryllium an expedient implementation. We look guardant to early messaging description pinch Echo Re and continuing to turn nan Ruschlikon organization to amended thief our clients.”

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