Essent promotes David B. Weinstock to CFO

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Essent Group has announced nan promotion of David B. Weinstock to nan domiciled of Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

essent-group-logoWeinstock has served arsenic nan firm’s interim CFO since June 28, 2022, and arsenic Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer since 2009.

He holds much than 25 years of acquisition successful nan areas of finance, accounting, and controls.

Before joining Essent, Weinstock operated successful a bid of elder guidance positions astatine Advanta Corp and was besides a elder head astatine Arthur Andersen LLP.

He holds a BS successful accounting from The Pennsylvania State University and is simply a certified nationalist accountant.

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Commenting connected his promotion, Weinstock said, “I americium excited astir nan Chief Financial Officer domiciled and partnering pinch Essent’s elder squad successful support of Mark and our business.

“I besides look guardant to starring our finance squad arsenic Essent continues to turn nan franchise.”

Mark Casale, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, added, “Dave brings a heavy knowing of our business and nan owe security industry.

“I look guardant to his activity arsenic Chief Financial Officer and continued support of our business and semipermanent maturation of nan Essent franchise.”

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