Fundpath bags £4m investment from Fuel Ventures

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Fundpath, a institution processing package to link money buyers pinch plus guidance companies, has landed a £4m finance from Fuel Ventures.

Established successful 2021, Fundpath claims it harnesses nan powerfulness of corporate data, AI and exertion to modernise nan fund-buying process.

The patient said this tin beryllium much insightful pinch applicable engagement improving efficiency, reducing wastage and promoting a debased c future.

The package intends to prevention nan clip of money buyers’ arsenic they nary longer person to interaction individual plus guidance firms and person irrelevant offers.

Fundpath will usage nan caller finance to proceed processing its package arsenic good arsenic investing successful caller technologies.

Fundpath CEO and co-founder Jamie Hinchliffe said, “Our ngo is to span nan accusation disconnect betwixt nan buyers and sellers of funds. Over nan past 18 months, we’ve been moving moreover person pinch nan wealthiness and plus guidance manufacture to do conscionable that.”

Fuel Ventures wide partner Mark Pearson added, “With Fundpath, we spot a immense opportunity to positively effect an important industry, by solving a genuine problem done exertion and data.

“The outstanding feedback we person received from wealthiness managers and plus managers astir what Fundpath is creating, and nan standard of nan advancement that has been made successful specified a short period, was capable to person america that we should beryllium portion of their journey.”

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