GBST launches enhanced wealth management admin platform

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WealthTech GBST has launched an enhanced type of its SaaS Composer wealthiness guidance management level and has undergone a rebrand.  

According to GBST, nan rebrand reflects nan company’s ongoing committedness to inspiring wealthiness innovation.

With a motion to its origins, nan patient said it has preserved its institution sanction and built a marque proposition and caller ocular personality utilizing nan updated backronym – Global Business Solutions Technology.

GBST CEO Robert DeDominicis said, “While our business and solutions person importantly transformed complete nan past fewer years, perceptions of nan institution person not evolved astatine nan aforesaid pace. Our caller marque successfully communicates who we are today. It honours nan difficult activity by squad GBST complete nan past fewer years, arsenic good arsenic 4 decades of manufacture experience, arsenic we return nan institution successful a caller strategical direction.

“We’ve taken nan clip to look astatine ourselves from nan wrong retired and person cautiously considered really we’ve grown and really we tin proceed to animate innovation. I’m incredibly proud to uncover nan caller GBST marque today, and to motorboat our caller look, recently transformed Composer.

“We’re not nan GBST you mightiness deliberation you know. Take a look.”

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