How KYC Portal’s face-to-face module bolsters facial recognition

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How KYC Portal's face-to-face module bolsters facial recognition

Biometric facial nickname has go an progressively important verification instrumentality for customer onboarding and ongoing compliance.

Spurred connected by nan Covid-19 pandemic, nan usage of facial nickname exertion has only accrued complete nan years. Statista claims that nan facial nickname marketplace is expected to scope $12.9bn by 2027.

KYC Portal’s face-to-face module is helping organisations bolster their facial nickname capabilities by enabling them to behaviour online video interviews pinch biometric facial recognition.

Its exertion enables nan ulterior biometric verification of a subject’s personality by comparing nan facial features during nan unrecorded video face-to-face interview, pinch nan photographs from a assortment of personality documents submitted arsenic portion of nan onboarding process. This is each completed via its embedded video exertion wrong nan platform.

Not only does this solution meet compliance requirements, but besides provides information against perchance fraudulent applicants.

All recordings are included successful nan end-to-end audit way and are stored utilizing unafraid encryption and cannot beryllium accessed extracurricular of KYCP, modified aliases tampered with. However, these recordings tin easy beryllium played backmost whenever needed. During nan call, some nan supplier model and customer model are recorded.

The face-to-face module is besides made disposable done nan chat characteristic of KYC Portal’s Customer OutReach Tool. This chat usability allows end-users to petition chats, arsenic good arsenic behaviour audio calls and face-to-face calls. This face-to-face module helps companies enactment compliant.

Speaking astir nan tool, KYC Portal said, “KYC Portal streamlines and simplifies nan onboarding process whilst allowing it each to beryllium done 100% remotely and astatine nan aforesaid clip being automated and controlled done nan backmost extremity of KYCP, expanding nan ratio of immoderate compliance team.

“KYC Portal straight focuses connected minimising nan regulatory load connected business goals, and it has ne'er been easier. The strategy besides focuses connected automating nan operational facet of compliance and owed diligence, some from an onboarding position arsenic good arsenic nan ongoing interest which besides includes nan screening for PEPs, sanctions and adverse media.”

Earlier successful nan year, KYC Portal released a report explaining why elasticity is simply a defining characteristic of customer lifecycle guidance platforms.

Read nan afloat study here.

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