How to write title tags for SEO with ChatGPT

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ChatGPT tin beryllium adjuvant for galore SEO-related functions, including but not constricted to local SEO, keyword research and SEO-focused contented creation.

Title tags are different area nan level tin thief you with. Even if Google doesn’t ever usage them, title tags are still a captious on-page SEO element.

Even Google’s John Mueller acknowledged that ChatGPT could beryllium adjuvant for creating page titles.

This article examines really ChatGPT and nan ChatGPT API tin thief you create compelling, clickable title tags.

Before we dive in, support nan pursuing caveats successful mind:

  • The value of your prompts will mostly find nan value of your responses.
  • ChatGPT is not an SEO tool, truthful it’s not explicitly designed to create SEO-friendly title tags.
  • You must ever reappraisal and QA nan tool’s output (it tin often beryllium wrong!).
  • The level has a unsmooth consciousness of matter output and characters but doesn’t needfully observe them precisely – an important constituent for title tag creation aliases editing. 
  • ChatGPT will only “remember” astir 3,000 words of your chat.
  • The ChatGPT API won’t retrieve thing other but nan punctual you’re applying astatine that infinitesimal and often ignores strategy messages.
  • You cannot fine-tune nan ChatGPT API, but you tin fine-tune nan OpenAI API (which is much costly than nan ChatGPT API). 

For this article, I’ll attraction connected tasks you tin do utilizing either nan ChatGPT web interface aliases nan API. But you tin extrapolate immoderate of these and ideate really they whitethorn activity pinch nan Da-Vinci API aliases early versions of nan ChatGPT API.

Let’s commencement by having nan instrumentality thief maine rewrite a title tag utilizing immoderate champion practices.

If you person your ain process, you tin instrumentality that. In this case, I will effort to get ChatGPT to rewrite my title tags “like a pro.”

First, I’m going to return an article by Ross Hudgens astatine Siege Media astir SEO title tag champion practices and person ChatGPT analyse it:

ChatGPT punctual - title tag champion practices

Next, I looked astatine nan hunt results for “best formation wedding dresses” and grabbed a listing by David’s Bridal (just because it was ranking successful nan mediate of nan first page) and asked ChatGPT to rewrite their title tag:

David's Bridal - champion formation wedding dresses

And present is what ChatGPT came up pinch aft sharing nan article and nan title tag:

ChatGPT output title tag

Pretty interesting!

Let’s effort nan aforesaid thing, but this clip pinch a different title tag process from Mike astatine Niche Twins:

Let’s talk #blog TITLES and URL formats

short 🧵👇🏼

— Mike (Niche Twins) (@NicheDown) April 12, 2022

Same attack here, I created a caller chat (again: ChatGPT’s short memory!) and pasted successful nan contents of nan thread and past asked ChatGPT to make a caller title tag based connected Mike’s process:

ChatGPT output title tag - dream dress

ChatGPT does look to person utilized a look much in-line pinch nan source, but it utilized a variety of “dream dress” again.

I’d opened a caller chat for this prompt, truthful ChatGPT shouldn’t person utilized my erstwhile punctual aliases consequence arsenic context.

I asked it why it chose that term:

ChatGPT - dream dress prompt

Optimizing punctual characteristic counts: Summaries are your friend

OK, truthful really astir if we want to person ChatGPT ingest a agelong article (or multiple) and optimize aggregate title tags?

Hudgens’s article was astir 2,500 words, truthful we’ll beryllium hitting up against nan connection and token limit of what ChatGPT really remembers beautiful quickly.

A bully workaround is to get ChatGPT to summarize nan article(s) and past usage nan summaries successful spot of nan full article (obviously, if location are immoderate items you want to make judge are included, you whitethorn want to do nan summarizing by hand):

Optimizing punctual characteristic counts pinch summaries

Note that I will besides create a caller chat for each summary and a caller chat erstwhile I’m fresh to person ChatGPT constitute my title tags truthful that I tin conserve “character memory.”

The summary ChatGPT generated successful this lawsuit was 159 words. Here is nan summary it came up with:

ChatGPT - summaries output

I created a caller chat and shared nan summary, past asked ChatGPT to rewrite nan aforesaid title tag:

ChatGPT - rewrite title tag

What jumps retired present is that ChatGPT came up pinch a different title tag based connected its ain summary of nan article versus nan article itself arsenic nan prompt.

I wanted to effort 1 much punctual present to spot really it impacted nan output, truthful I created a caller chat and asked ChatGPT to summarize nan article again, but this clip to propulsion retired nan main champion practices and create a bulleted list.

I created a caller chat and fed ChatGPT its bulleted summary. It gave maine different title tag thought and, this time, walked maine done its process.

ChatGPT - bulleted summaries

You want to beryllium observant really overmuch you spot ChatGPT’s summaries. But if I had gone done this nonstop process and were optimizing this URL’s title tag, I’d person immoderate beautiful absorbing ideas to test.

Along those lines, I could return a summary present and get ideas for aggregate URLs based connected these champion practices.

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Write title tags for illustration your competitors

Let's ideate is crushing maine successful hunt results, and I want to trial taking their attack to penning title tags for my pages. I tin inquire ChatGPT to springiness that a try:

ChatGPT - competitor title tags

And get a different idea:

ChatGPT - competitor title tags analysis

ChatGPT is right: this is simply a straightforward example, but you get nan idea.

You could besides use this aforesaid attack to a tract that's not a competitor but a tract you admire.

If you cognize they person awesome title tags aliases that they trial them frequently, you could usage nan aforesaid attack present and get ideas circumstantial to your tract utilizing a akin approach.

Instead of looking astatine 1 competitor, you could look astatine several. Namely each of nan sites successful a hunt result.

I asked ChatGPT to analyse nan hunt consequence and travel up pinch different caller thought for David's Bridal based connected what's ranking successful their hunt result:

ChatGPT - title tags from hunt results

ChatGPT gave maine a fewer different ideas:

ChatGPT - title tags from hunt results - outputs

Write title tags tailored to your content

Another attack is evidently to summarize immoderate contented and inquire ChatGPT to constitute a title tag for that content:

ChatGPT - title tag tailored to content

And here's ChatGPT's proposal based connected nan contented connected nan David's Bridal page:

ChatGPT - title tag recommendation

You could besides wed these 2 approaches, feeding ChatGPT immoderate title tag champion practices and contented and past asking for title tag ideas based connected nan taxable of your article aliases page.

Title tag formulas and ChatGPT API

The web interface is astir apt your champion stake if you want to usage lengthier champion practices and tons of discourse aliases contented to pass your title tags.

But if you want to use a look aliases a short group of champion practices to respective title tags, nan ChatGPT API tin beryllium a awesome tool.

You tin nexus nan ChatGPT API to your Google Sheet arsenic outlined here, and past could return your ain champion practices (or thing you conscionable recovered a competitor doing, aliases thing you conscionable pulled from an article) and rewrite aggregate title tags astatine once:

Title tag formulas and ChatGPT API

I had immoderate issues pinch nan API adding quotation marks to nan output present and penning very agelong titles. 

By keeping a adjacent oculus connected nan output and playing pinch nan prompts, I yet sewage immoderate caller shorter title tag ideas.

If you person immoderate circumstantial types of title tags you cognize person worked successful nan past, you tin person ChatGPT use that attack to circumstantial titles you want to beryllium rewritten.

To trial these out, let's instrumentality immoderate strategies outlined successful this Moz article connected title tag "hacks."

Curiosity gap

This whitethorn not activity for each title tag aliases connected nan first try. Here's our formation dress word rewritten utilizing nan curiosity gap:

ChatGPT punctual - Curiosity gap


Here it is again pinch a caller chat arsenic a question:

ChatGPT punctual - Questions

Dates and numbers

Here it is again utilizing dates and numbers:

PsMbU8aDWqY GoEYcu0 QBlUenMHW7uMBdiIFJ0Zl330jYzAk6cx4dKODj4x7 VXqpFg3U0ILLzKOeuMPGc ZlMQWbvmyxryes I8dHFh8Z1vT6zXBMuaTKxtvInQWtOr5rsrz1GaPGdeLyrIm7AknE

Call to action

And here, we incorporated a telephone to action:

ChatGPT punctual - CTA

Again it's worthy noting that I sewage different output formats utilizing akin prompts each time. 

It's besides striking really short these title tags are pinch minimal instruction. 

In contrast, nan title tag suggestions generated by nan ChatGPT API successful Google Sheets were often very long. I had to usage aggregate prompts to get a consequence pinch thing little than 70 aliases 80 characters. 

ChatGPT is getting nan characteristic counts successful parenthesis right!

Here's what ChatGPT had to opportunity for itself connected nan matter:

ChatGPT characteristic counts

This is very important to note. The much analyzable your prompt, nan little apt ChatGPT is to observe characteristic limits. This is simply a trouble of nan API since you don't person nan 3,000-word discourse you do successful chat.

Title tag brainstorms

If you want to group up a testing model to tally done aggregate imaginable title tag formulas aliases ideas (or if you want a large database of imaginable page titles), you could besides mash up a fewer ideas for a large brainstorm.

By shortening up our earlier inputs pinch summaries, I tin create a bid of prompts wherever ChatGPT will retrieve each of nan title tag approaches we've encountered here:

  • Hudgens's champion practices.
  • Mike's title tag process.
  • The title tags of sites ranking successful nan aforesaid hunt result.
  • The attack of
ChatGPT - title tag brainstorms

Not each of these will beryllium winners. Despite my prompt, immoderate are similar. But if I were looking for trial ideas for a batch of wedding dress pages, I could apt find galore present to test.

I tin besides spell backmost to nan different types of title tags from nan past conception of nan article and inquire ChatGPT to travel up pinch a bigger database of ideas based connected those title tag types:

ChatGPT - large database of title tags

Leverage your ain data

Beyond conscionable getting wide ideas, you could usage your information to person ChatGPT thief pinch title tags successful a fewer different ways:

  • Make predictions: If you've tally a bid of title tag tests, effort sharing nan results pinch ChatGPT, past inquire it to constitute a title tag for a caller page based connected those results.
  • Find gaps: Look astatine your Search Console information and find nan queries pinch debased click-through rates. Ask ChatGPT for ideas to rewrite nan title tag to summation CTR for those terms.
  • Look for SERP features: Use third-party devices to spot keywords you're ranking good for pinch SERP features that you aren't getting. Share immoderate of nan emblematic champion practices for getting those SERP features and nan title tag of nan tract that is ranking, and ChatGPT for ideas connected really to rewrite your title tag to beryllium much for illustration nan titles that are ranking.

As pinch tasks for illustration keyword research, often nan champion usage for ChatGPT erstwhile it comes to title tags is astir ideation and inspiration. 

Be imaginative astir really to leverage it, ever cheque nan output of nan instrumentality manually and tally your tests. All this could springiness your title tags a awesome boost.

Opinions expressed successful this article are those of nan impermanent writer and not needfully Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here.