Howden acquires Liechtenstein broker to continue European expansion

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15th March 2023 - Author: Jack Willard

International security agent Howden, has announced its acquisition of BWV Versicherungsbroker AG (BWV) successful Liechtenstein, an independent agent pinch a portfolio of firm and backstage clients.

howden-group-logoTrading arsenic Howden Liechtenstein AG pursuing completion of nan acquisition, nan business will beryllium led by Felix Jenny, CEO of Howden Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein, and will run arsenic a wholly owned subsidiary of Howden Switzerland Ltd.

Established successful 2021, Howden Switzerland has grown to see 75 labor crossed 7 offices successful Zurich, Bern and Zug. The acquisition of BWV and consequent statement of Howden Liechtenstein AG will thrust further footprint for Howden crossed nan region.

Manfred Wanger, co-founder of BWV, said: “Over nan past 20 years we person built a beardown business and nether our caller Howden marque we dream to grow our location footprint successful Switzerland and successful nan Principality of Liechtenstein, while besides processing opportunities pinch Howden Austria. I americium delighted that we will proceed to activity successful an entrepreneurial minded business arsenic we summation our expertise to differentiate ourselves by providing value-added services and expertise to our clients.

“With this partnership, our clients will use from an world broking group pinch distribution and expertise successful complete 45 countries. We will proceed to turn arsenic portion of a business that values independency and our well-established, trusted squad will still supply nan master work and support clients person travel to expect.”

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Felix Jenny, CEO, Howden Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein, commented: “With beardown strategical and taste alignment, BWV is nan perfect partner for Howden arsenic we cement our position arsenic nan earthy location for independent security brokers looking to springiness clients entree to nan expertise and specialisms of an world web wrong their section market.”

Luigi Sturani, CEO, Howden Europe, added: “The business pinch BWV comes astatine an absorbing clip arsenic request grows crossed Europe for progressively blase security products and services. Howden is truthful strengthening its position arsenic 1 of nan starring brokers successful Europe tin of providing nan scale, expertise and a scope of bespoke solutions for which our clients are looking.”

Further, nan acquisition of BWV underscores Howden’s ongoing maturation strategy, pursuing nan successful
acquisitions of Swiss brokerages Born Consulting, Bachmann & Partners and Broker Center Zurichsee,
acquired successful 2022 and 2021 respectively.

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