Howden names Andy Cox as Head of Energy Transition

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International security agent Howden has appointed Andy Cox arsenic Head of Energy Transition, effective immediately.

Cox holds complete 3 decades of acquisition successful nan power sector, having antecedently served arsenic a Partner astatine KPMG.

His astir caller position location was UK Chair of Energy & Natural Resources, successful which he was responsible for KPMG’s advisory and consulting services crossed a scope of lipid and state and powerfulness and utilities clients.

In his caller role, Howden states that Cox will support practitioners from crossed nan patient arsenic they counsel clients and investors connected de-risking nan financing into power modulation projects, arsenic good arsenic guiding nan improvement of caller products.

In summation to his domiciled astatine Howden, Cox holds various positions including Chief Impact Officer for Forward Institute and Non-Executive Director to nan Energy & Infrastructure squad astatine Browne Jacobson.

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David Howden, Chief Executive Officer of Howden, commented, “We are committed to nan domiciled security has to play not only successful nan present and now of ambiance change, successful areas specified arsenic disaster alleviation and nonaccomplishment and damage, but besides successful helping to build a sustainable, equitable early by moving collaboratively pinch clients and insurers to reside nan risks of tomorrow.

“To do this we must pull divers talent into our group and nan wider manufacture arsenic we activity to accelerate nan security market’s domiciled successful nan world power transition.

“Andy’s assignment represents an important measurement for america arsenic we support our clients connected this journey.”

Charlie Langdale, Head of Climate Risk and Resilience, Howden, added, “Our clients are expanding their investments into nan power modulation by nan billions and it is important that we person master talent to place really to mitigate and negociate nan risk.

“Andy will beryllium basal successful nan maturation and description of our offering. Not only will he support merchandise innovation, but he will guarantee that nan security marketplace plays a portion successful nan largest-ever reallocation of superior successful quality history.

“Andy’s unsocial expertise and position will beryllium cardinal to helping our clients realise their maturation opportunities that would different beryllium unavailable.”

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