Hymans Robertson expands Risk Transfer team with two appointments

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16th March 2023 - Author: Jack Willard

Hymans Robertson, a starring pensions and financial services consultancy, has made 2 hires wrong its expanding Risk Transfer team.

hymans-robertson-logoThe institution has appointed some Paula Haughton and Harry Allen, who some bring a beardown level of expertise towards nan team.

Haughton has complete 20 years of acquisition wrong nan pensions field. She joins from XPS’s Risk Transfer squad wherever she chiefly focused connected helping clients execute successful whole-scheme buy-ins and buy-outs. Throughout her career, Haughton has worked and advised connected complete 20 bulk annuity transactions, ranging from £4 cardinal – £400 million.

Additionally, Allen returns to Hymans Robertson aft an 18 period profession alteration to thatch maths. He antecedently spent 9 years astatine Hymans Robertson, specialising successful consequence transportation transactions, wherever he was a cardinal portion of nan squad that led connected immoderate of nan largest ever buy-in transactions.

James Mullins, Head of Risk Transfer, commented connected nan appointments: “I americium thrilled to stock nan news of 2 much knowledgeable and talented joiners to nan Risk Transfer team. The consequence transportation marketplace is group for a grounds twelvemonth successful 2023 and we are actively increasing nan squad up of nan maturation successful demand, pursuing connected from nan galore tender wins that nan squad achieved during 2022.

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“With Paula’s acquisition crossed nan afloat process, from preparing for a transaction done to eventual wind-up, she will beryllium a awesome summation to our successful and increasing squad of specialists.

“The buy-in marketplace is group to transcend £50bn each twelvemonth for nan foreseeable early truthful we want to supply nan champion imaginable result for our clients’ pension schemes, and astir importantly, their members.

“We besides are very pleased to invited backmost Harry to our Risk Transfer squad astatine a clip erstwhile a grounds numbers of pensions schemes look group to afloat insure. It’s an breathtaking clip for nan buy-in market, and we scheme to proceed increasing our expertise to guarantee we stay connected nan beforehand ft pinch each nan marketplace changes.”

Haughton, said: “I americium very happy to subordinate nan talented consequence transportation squad astatine Hymans Robertson pinch its fantabulous estimation successful nan market. This twelvemonth will beryllium a engaged clip for transactions, and I americium keen to thief our clients astatine this pivotal infinitesimal for nan buy-in market, pinch a tidal activity of request group to return place.”

Allen, added: “I americium happy to beryllium backmost astatine Hymans and excited to beryllium portion of a immense displacement for nan buy-in marketplace arsenic we look guardant complete nan adjacent decade. The guidance of nan marketplace is unprecedented, and I look guardant to playing a cardinal domiciled successful helping our clients and their members.”

In February, Hymans Robertson besides added Louise Lane to its Risk Transfer team.

Meanwhile, a caller study from Hymans Robertson suggests that nan pension strategy buy-in marketplace is expected to transcend grounds highs of £50 cardinal each twelvemonth for nan foreseeable early and could moreover apical £70 cardinal successful immoderate years too.

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