InsurTech Sure launches technology that enables embedded one-click protection

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Sure, an InsurTech that intends to unlock nan imaginable of integer insurance, has launched Retrace, caller exertion that enables online merchants to connection customers embedded one-click security and protection.

Sure describes itself arsenic nan world security exertion leader that unlocks nan imaginable of integer insurance. Global brands and market-leading security carriers from nan Fortune 500 build and motorboat blase embedded security products connected Sure’s SaaS infrastructure to distribute, service, and standard integer insurance.

Retrace by Sure includes a suite of APIs truthful that online merchants tin embed security and protection for a assortment of usage cases specified arsenic e-commerce returns, recreation insurance, and merchandise warranty protection astatine immoderate constituent successful nan acquisition flow.

Using Retrace, online merchants tin grow their customer guidelines done an enhanced customer acquisition that increases customer restitution and spurs marque evangelists. In addition, they tin diversify their gross streams while increasing top-line revenue.

With nan motorboat of Retrace, Sure is introducing its first e-commerce solution, enabling online merchants to connection customers return shipping protection astatine nan constituent of waste to screen nan costs of returning goods. The embedded Retrace Return Shipping Protection is revolutionary caller exertion that reduces clash successful nan online shopping acquisition for some merchants and consumers.

Wayne Slavin, co-founder and CEO of Sure, said, “Retrace is nan latest offering of Sure’s innovative exertion to unlock nan imaginable of integer security and protection done frictionless online customer experiences.

“Our exertion reaches and engages customers wherever they are connected their journey, and pinch Retrace, we are enabling online merchants to supply customers pinch embedded security and protection tools. We’re starting pinch nan first of its benignant one-click return shipping protection but nan sky’s nan limit, and we person group our sights connected a assortment of different products spanning recreation security to warranty protection and beyond.”

Earlier this year, Sure collaborated pinch FinTech Esusu to connection renters insurance.

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