Investor and startup connection builder Connectd bags $2.6m

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Investor and startup relationship builder Connectd bags $2.6m

Connectd, which helps link investors and startups, has reportedly collected $2.6m successful a caller backing round.

The finance was supported by LiFE Ventures, Blue Lake, Mail Venture Partners, Arch Law and Syndicate Room, according to a study from UKTN. Several unnamed angel investors besides committed capital.  

Connectd supplies advisors pinch a level to link pinch UK startups arsenic good arsenic get support and guidance from knowledgeable experts and mentors.

As for investors, Connectd provides them pinch woody travel and portfolio guidance devices that let teams to manage, way and study connected investments. It boasts real-time portfolio insights, personalised woody travel and metric tracking.

Finally, startups tin usage nan level to make connections pinch UK angel investors. They besides person entree to a reporting suite, portfolio guidance strategy and smart lucifer technology.

The strategy besides has a Venture Builder Programme, which includes method support from in-house specialists to create financial models, pitches and more. There are besides transportation days to angel investors and sessions to study astir marketing, sales, exertion and fundraising.

Speaking connected nan deal, Connectd laminitis and CEO Roei Samuel said, “In nan existent economical environment, Connectd is incredibly good positioned to thief founders to supply transparency and span nan spread betwixt their business and their investors, pinch devices that thief negociate relationships and show and study performance.”

The FinTech institution has raised a full of £4.7m successful equity.

In different FinTech news, Masttro, a WealthTech patient that manages nan wealthiness of ultra-high-net-worth families, raised $43m successful a maturation equity investment. The finance was led by FTV Capital, pinch commitments besides coming from Citi Ventures.

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