Junk Cleaner - Android App Source Code

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✔ App Cache Cleaner: cleanable useless exertion cache files.
✔ Junk Cleaner Master: powerful junk cleaner.
✔ Speed Booster: telephone booster and RAM cleaner to velocity up your android phone.
✔ Memory Booster: merchandise representation and boost phone.
✔ Power Clean Battery Saver: powerfulness cleaner kills artillery draining apps to prevention power.
✔ CPU Cooler: cool down telephone CPU temperature.
✔ Notification Cleaner: shut up and cleanable nan unwanted notifications if necessary.
✔ 1 pat boost: boost telephone by 1 tap.

★ App Cache Cleaner
Help to analyse apps successful android phone, and cleanable useless exertion cache files safely. This accelerated powerful cache cleaner helps to merchandise much space.

★ Junk Cleaner Master
Junk Cleaner helps to analyse each nan log impermanent and history AD files, and past urge to cleanable those useless residual junk files to merchandise much retention of mobile phone. Also, cleanable apk files aft app is installed to merchandise space.

★ Speed Booster
Kill inheritance apps to merchandise memory, and velocity up your android phone, boosting nan telephone effectively. Window cleaner is to region popups connected telephone window. Go to boost mobile telephone now!

★ Power Clean (Battery Saver)
Kill artillery draining apps to prevention powerfulness by 1 tap. When your telephone powerfulness is low, Phone Cleaner will punctual you to prevention artillery by cleaning apps.

★ CPU Cooler
CPU Cooler tin cool down your android telephone CPU somesthesia pinch 1 tap.

★ Notification Cleaner
Too galore noisy and useless notifications? Use this ace cleaner to shut up and cleanable nan unwanted notifications if necessary. The junk notification cleaner will stitchery junk notifications into 1 model truthful that you tin cleanable them if needed.

★ 1 pat boost
This ace accelerated cleaner helps to create 1 pat boost, and you tin boost telephone by 1 pat easily.