JVIF selects OpenWay in bid to become consumer finance leader in Vietnam

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JVIF, a Japanese user finance firm, has selected OpenWay’s Way4 integer payments package level successful a bid to connection nan astir competitory in installments programmes successful nan Vietnamese market.

OpenWay is simply a supplier of integer costs package solutions and unreality costs systems. Its Way4 level is utilized by Tier 1 and 2 banks and processors, arsenic good arsenic eager FinTech startups. Among them are Nexi, Worldline, Finaro, Payoneer, and different starring costs players crossed nan globe.

As a modular and highly configurable platform, Way4 allows clients to build highly personalised in installments products pinch elastic implementation: connected premise, successful nan cloud, aliases arsenic a dedicated SaaS.

Way4 costs package is utilized globally and tin beryllium deployed connected awesome unreality platforms: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud (OCI), and others, besides successful backstage clouds. The Way4 level for JIVF is nan first OpenWay installation successful Oracle Cloud successful Southeast Asia.

OpenWay’s exertion will let JIVF to negociate nan afloat lifecycle of their costs products and connection nan ace online customer experience. OpenWay besides offers JIVF various options to thief it optimise their operational costs, including managed services and end-to-end method operations. JVIF hopes this business will position it to go nan user finance leader successful nan Vietnamese market.

The teams of some companies will cooperate intimately to create competitory products and co-branded in installments programmes pinch personalised rewards and instalments.

Mr. Taniguchi Noboru, wide director, JIVF, said, “We judge that to go a leader connected a caller marketplace and support your leadership, we request to activity pinch trusted leaders. We person chosen OpenWay because it was captious for america nan precocious value of nan Way4 platform, accelerated clip to market, successful acquisition of OpenWay globally and locally, fantabulous customer service, and precocious operational efficiency.

“Moreover, nan OpenWay squad has demonstrated heavy technological knowledge and precocious expertise that will thief america to turn our in installments finance business and respond to nan precocious request for in installments products from our customers successful Vietnam.”

Earlier this year, Gimo, a FinTech startup from Vietnam, has closed its Series A backing round pinch an finance led by TNB Aura.

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