LexisNexis Risk bolsters home insurance with AI solution

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LexisNexis Risk Solutions has enhanced its location security AI solution to expedite and amended nan location security underwriting process.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions intends to harness “the powerfulness of information and precocious analytics” to supply insights that thief businesses and governmental entities trim consequence and amended decisions to use group astir nan globe.

The institution provides information and exertion solutions for a wide scope of industries including insurance, financial services, healthcare and government.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions made enhancements to LexisNexis® Flyreel®, nan security information and analytics leader’s caller acquisition that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and instrumentality learning to alteration self-service spot inspections.

With these enhancements, nan institution said US insurers tin now configure nan Flyreel AI solution pinch their ain underwriting preferences.

The AI solution is past capable to thief expedite nan underwriting process by capturing and evaluating completed spot surveys and inspections, utilizing proprietary machine imagination exertion to item cardinal risks successful alignment pinch each carrier’s unsocial consequence appetite.

Insurers tin past prioritise risks based connected their needs and preferences while reducing nan magnitude of clip it takes to enactment connected nan risks they deem astir important – risks including but not constricted to exterior and interior information issues, tile damage, recalled electrical systems and h2o damage.

Insurers tin past group parameters based connected nan Flyreel solution’s self-service inspection capabilities that align pinch their underwriting preferences, structuring their workflows accordingly.

George Hosfield, elder director, location insurance, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, said, “The location security marketplace has been utilizing information for a agelong time, but nan mobility we proceed to inquire ourselves is really carriers tin usage nan information and precocious analytics successful nan astir optimal mode – aliases attraction connected what is astir captious to their businesses truthful that they tin beryllium amended equipped to meet caller and emerging underwriting challenges. And that’s what we’re really solving for pinch this enhancement to Flyreel.”

Earlier this year, US-based InsurTech NsureHub has collaborated pinch Guardian Leak Detection to bolster its location security offering.

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