Microly - Multi Tenant URL Shortener and Bio Page

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SaaS Ready : The book turns into a SaaS platform. SaaS characteristic automatically manages each payments done Stripe, PayPal. You tin manually negociate each your offline costs too.

Separate Dashboard : All statement has its ain dashboard.

Multiple Domain : You tin create aggregate domain for each statement aliases for circumstantial statement you want. You tin besides negociate guidelines and 404 redirect of a civilization domain.

URL Group : You tin create civilization URL group for each of statement aliases specified organization. There is nary limit!

Third Party API integration : With Microly you tin negociate your 3rd statement URL Shortener.Currently we support Bitly, Rebrandly, TinyURL, BL.INK, Cuttly and T2M

Bio Page : You tin crate floor plan pages pinch your ain image. You tin adhd widgets and links to societal media relationship and you tin besides customize floor plan pages pinch your ain civilization colors.

Splash Pages : You tin create civilization scatter page. You tin group clip long of a scatter page.

Link Overlay Pages : Link overlay redirect type will show a afloat customizable overlay complete destination website. You tin group ribbon and link-back URL.

UTM Builder : This instrumentality allows you to easy adhd run parameters to URL's truthful you tin measurement Custom Campaigns successful Google Analytics. Generate UTM tags easy pinch and way your campaigns effectively.

Pixel Tracking : Tracking pixels from various services tin beryllium attached to links to measurement their performance, specified arsenic Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Bing and galore more.

Schedules : You tin group a schedule for a link, that make nan nexus disposable aliases expired astatine circumstantial day and time. You tin besides group max click limit, that will expire nan nexus erstwhile it reached nan click limit.

Password Protection Link : You tin protect your shortened nexus pinch a password. The visitant will beryllium redirect to destination URL aft giving nan correct password.

Captcha : The book support reCaptcha v2, reCaptcha v3. With captcha you tin protect login, registry and interaction page from spamming.

Redirect Type : You tin usage civilization redirect type method specified arsenic 301, 302, 307, 308 etc. (Custom redirect will only use to nonstop links).

Multiple URL Shortening : You tin short aggregate URL's pinch 1 click.

Location, Device, Platform Targeting : Links tin beryllium redirecting to different destination URL based connected personification location, instrumentality (desktop, mobile, tablet) aliases level (Linux, Windows, iOS, AndroidOS etc).

QR Code : Generate and transcript a afloat functional shortened URL QR codification pinch a azygous click. You tin usage Camera aliases nan Code Scanner to scan Quick Response (QR) codes for links to websites, apps, coupons, tickets, and more.

Two Factor Authentication : You tin guarantee your customer information pinch Google Two Factor authentication system.

User Friendly UI : Clean and friends personification interface that easy to understood and easy to manage. This book is besides mobile responsive.

Social Sharing :You tin stock your shortened nexus to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and more.

Metatags/Opengraph : Microly tin fetch Meta/Opengraph tags straight from nan destination URL. You tin besides adhd your civilization tags.

Social Login : Allow personification to login pinch their societal account. Currently we support Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Github societal authentication.

Developer API : Microly comes pinch built-in Rest API support. You tin short immoderate nexus from immoderate instrumentality pinch a elemental API call. Microly comes pinch API Explorer documentation.

Google Analytics : You tin way your each your tract visitant pinch Google Analytics, each you request to do is participate your search code.

Multi-Language Support : Microly comes pinch 22 connection and galore much are coming.

Click Logs : You will get each nan click log specifications pinch client's specifications accusation specified arsenic IP, Platfoem, Country, City etc.

Roles and Permissions : All personification support connected your hand. You tin create civilization roles pinch each nan support you want to delegate your customers.

Payment Gateway Module : Our elastic automatic costs gateway lets you waste services to anyone. You tin judge payments online done PayPal, Stripe, and slope transfers/offline successful your ain currency, some online and offline.

Pricing Plan Module : You tin create your ain pricing scheme for your customers. Public customers person nan action of subscribing to immoderate plan. You tin limit entree to each plan. You tin delegate your ain domiciled to each plan. Free/Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime intervals are available.

Coupon Module : In nan Coupon Module, you tin adhd a discount worth & create a typical coupon codification for your visitors. Use nan Coupon Module to beforehand connection coupons & third-party offers for your customers. Impressively coming coupons and make much revenue.

Anti Phishing/Malware : Using Google Safe Browsing API, IPQualityScore API, APIVoid API URLs tin beryllium automatically validated against a civilization blacklist of domains and keywords.

Sourcecode : The original root codification and archiving connected really to customize nan codification are included pinch each purchase.

Expert Support :Our in-house, master squad is ever connected manus to thief reply your questions,get you started, and turn your beingness online. You tin interaction america immoderate time. The mean consequence clip is 24 hours.