Rapid7 snaps up ransomware prevention firm Minerva Labs

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Rapid7, a unreality consequence and threat discovery firm, has acquired CyberTech patient Minerva Labs for an undisclosed fee.

Rapid7’s managed discovery and consequence services supply customers elevated discovery and consequence capabilities crossed their cloud, on-premise and extended onslaught surfaces.

With this acquisition, Rapid7 claims it will further widen its starring managed threat discovery capabilities pinch nan expertise to orchestrate precocious ransomware prevention. These caller capabilities will seamlessly widen MDR crossed unreality resources, accepted infrastructure, and existing endpoint protection infrastructure, enabling customers to further consolidate their information investments.

Founded successful 2014, Minerva Labs helps organisations mitigate nan risks associated pinch ransomware. Minerva’s exertion provides multi-layer prevention by neutralizing and preventing malicious activity earlier execution, while besides enabling much agility to merge pinch third-party endpoint protection solutions.

Rapid7 SVP managed services transportation Jeremiah Dewey said, “Driving ratio and maximizing information investments is captious successful bid for organizations to enactment up of progressively evasive and imaginative attacks. Today, our MDR customers use from our proprietary discovery and consequence technology, a afloat integrated, world-class squad of 24×7 information engineers, and starring information information subject to detect, measure and respond to emerging threats.

“With Minerva, we are further extending our MDR capabilities pinch much precocious anti-evasion and malware prevention and orchestration from nan endpoint to nan cloud, arsenic good arsenic providing seamless support of existing, starring endpoint protection infrastructure. We are thrilled to invited Minerva to Rapid7 and proceed providing our customers and partners pinch a world-class MDR work and nan opportunity for further exertion and information operations consolidation.”

California-based unified information controls company Securiti has secured an investment from Citi Ventures and Capital One Ventures.

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