Relm Insurance partners with cyber risk manager NetDiligence

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Specialty insurer Relm Insurance has announced a caller business pinch NetDiligence, a supplier of cyber consequence readiness and consequence services, to present a suite of cyber consequence monitoring solutions.

Solutions will beryllium provided to policyholders via automated enrolment done NetDiligence’s eRiskHub platform, which is designed for nan prevention, reporting, and betterment of losses caused by cyber incidents.

Features disposable to Relm policyholders will see incident consequence guidance, a news and learning centre, consequence head tools, and information training courses.

“Effective cyber consequence guidance is nary longer optional — it’s essential. As cyber threats proceed to evolve, our policyholders must enactment 1 measurement up to protect their businesses and reputation,” said Donavan Burgess, Senior Vice President and Underwriter of Digital Assets, Cyber and Professional Lines astatine Relm.

“That’s why we’re proud to denote nan summation of NetDiligence’s eRiskHub to our broad cyber consequence policy. With its up-to-the-minute information and powerful acquisition tools, eRiskHub empowers our policyholders to understand and negociate their unsocial cyber consequence exposures, create a robust cyber readiness plan, and minimize nan devastating effect of a breach.”

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Mark Greisiger, President and CEO of NetDiligence, besides commented: “Our squad and our solutions are dedicated to making cyber consequence guidance easier for everyone progressive successful nan process of mitigating modern-day cyber risk. From policyholders to cyber security professionals, nan eRiskHub portal helps those astatine nan forefront of cyber defense to enactment razor-sharp arsenic nan cyber threat scenery evolves.”

“Resources for illustration nan eRiskHub will beryllium important moving guardant arsenic insurers for illustration Relm strive to continually amended policyholders astir nan risks their organizations face,” added Greisiger.

In November 2022, Relm collaborated pinch cyber consequence analytics CyberCube to bolster its cyber underwriting business pinch artificial intelligence and consequence modeling capabilities.

And successful January, Relm expanded its strategical fronting business pinch Trisura, enabling nan Bermuda-based bearer to supply capacity successful support of AM-Best rated insubstantial for US integer plus risks.

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