Risk management data firm apexanalytix acquires ESG Enterprise

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apexanalytix, besides known arsenic apex, has acquired environmental, societal and governance guidance patient ESG Enterprise for an undisclosed fee.

ESG Enterprise helps companies meet their environmental, societal and governance and ambiance objectives done a suite of package solutions that see a front-end information guidance platform, and AI-powered proviso concatenation analytics that harvester to connection customers 1 of nan astir broad products presently disposable connected nan market.

The firm’s data-powered unreality level provides nan rigorous ESG consequence and ambiance information basal for companies to efficaciously measurement their ambiance footprints, meet Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 reporting requirements, and comply pinch world regulations and different starring reporting frameworks.

ESG Enterprise uses AI and publically disposable information to support a representation of ESG characteristics crossed world proviso chains, providing proprietary scores, institution profiles, and benchmarks that thief companies measure nan ESG attributes of their proviso chains importantly faster and much accurately than different appraisal methods.

Apex CEO Steve Yurko said, “Understanding and efficaciously managing ESG is simply a captious portion of smart proviso concatenation management, which is why we are excited to adhd ESG Enterprise to our platform. We look guardant to bringing nan benefits of this offering to our clients.”

ESG Enterprise CEO Alan Lee added, “Joining apex will alteration america to make moreover much of an effect by helping much companies measurement and truthful negociate nan afloat spectrum of sustainability risks and opportunities passim their customers’ ample and analyzable operations and proviso chains. We look guardant to continuing to innovate and further build retired our exertion for their benefit.”

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