Theta Lake brings compliance to digital whiteboards on Mural

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Theta Lake brings compliance to integer whiteboards connected Mural

Theta Lake, a leader successful collaboration compliance and information solutions, has collaborated pinch ocular collaboration platform Mural.

This woody sees Theta Lake merge its compliance devices pinch Mural, enabling unafraid seizure of whiteboard contented including matter and rich | media, semipermanent archiving and archive connectors for governance and recordkeeping. Once captured, its exertion tin analyse nan contented to automate discovery of compliance and information information risks.

The integration is nan first successful nan compliance package conception to support move whiteboard content.

Mural is simply a ocular collaboration level that supports brainstorming, task management, thought sharing and more.

Teams tin leverage Mural to pass connected projects successful real-time asynchronously connected a integer canvas pinch ocular devices for illustration sticky notes, images, files, links, objects, and templates to beryllium much productive.

With matter and images perpetually changing connected integer whiteboards, it tin beryllium reliable for organisations to seizure and place contented for their regulatory requirements.

Through Theta Lake’s API driven integration, associated customers tin collaborate, create contented and virtually brainstorm while ensuring they support compliance.

Its compliance package tin seizure each matter and related metadata, on pinch regular snapshots of nan full virtual canvas, stored arsenic a PDF to make reappraisal easier. It besides boasts investigation capabilities truthful a compliance unit personnel tin position activities and logs connected a broad timeline that illustrates nan full history.

Other features see integrations pinch existing archive environments, verifiable reconciliation, supervision and review, broad eDiscovery and elastic retention options.

Speaking connected nan partnership, Theta Lake CEO and co-founder Devin Redmond said, “The Mural ocular collaboration level is simply a captious and burgeoning portion of nan modern collaboration and unified communications first workplace.

“Knowledge workers crave nan expertise to brainstorm and visualise task driven activity successful existent clip and successful a workspace complete time. For regulated organisations this presents challenges arsenic compliance solutions for platforms for illustration Mural person not existed to day and bequest archiving solutions simply can’t screen this caller connection type. 

“With our Mural integration, regulated customers tin collaborate, brainstorm and ideate pinch assurance knowing that compliance teams tin sphere records, efficaciously hunt them and observe consequence and to align pinch regulatory requirements”. 

Find retired much astir Theta Lake’s integration pinch Mural here.

Last year, Theta Lake launched Meetings Risk Manager, which is nan company’s sixth Zoom-certified module successful its App Marketplace. The MRM is nan only patented solution for Zoom gathering safety, information posture and configuration drift monitoring, remediation and alerting.

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