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Google publishes video of hunt value meeting

In 2012, Google shared a video from 1 of its hunt value meetings – thing that fewer outsiders had ever seen.

Google annotated nan video to make nan speech much understandable to nan wide public, arsenic good arsenic explicate much astir nan peculiar characteristic that was being discussed, a alteration to really it handles pronunciation corrections.

“I sewage to be 1 past October, and it was 1 of nan astir fascinating, absorbing things I’ve witnessed successful my astir 16 years of covering search,” wrote Search Engine Land’s Editor-in-Chief Danny Sullivan. “I watched galore different features get evaluated, pinch chat and statement flying back-and-forth among those gathered successful nan crowded room arsenic good arsenic those interacting done video conference…”

Read each astir it successful An Unprecedented Video Glimpse Into How Google Crafts Its Search Results.

Also connected this day

Google pushes retired deadline parallel search for Video owed to ‘global events’

2020: The mandatory deadline was extended into June.

Ecosia to subordinate Chrome v81 default hunt motor choices

2020: The not-for-profit hunt motor joined Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo arsenic an action successful 47 markets.

Google Ads rolling retired Budget Planner forecasting tool

2019: Designed to show really changes successful walk could effect run performance.

What will Google Hotels mean for online booking sites?

2019: The caller tract mirrored nan UI of Google Flights – would it person a akin effect connected nan edifice booking market?

Bing Ads brings 3D ads to Search pinch Samsung

2019: Users could interact pinch nan desktop advertisement format to inspect merchandise features and details.

DuckDuckGo CEO testifies: Privacy authorities isn’t ‘anti-advertising’

2019: Gabriel Weinberg besides believed that privateness authorities could make nan net much competitive.

Google confirms halfway hunt ranking algorithm update

2018: Google acknowledged nan suspected update but said location was thing webmasters tin do to hole their sites if they dropped successful rankings.

Google tests rounded mobile hunt creation without afloat Google logo

2018: This caller interface utilized a much rounded creation and boldly omitted nan afloat Google logo astatine nan apical of nan hunt results page.

AdWords civilization columns now disposable astatine keyword and advertisement levels

2018: You could way and optimize to civilization metrics tailored to your goals astatine each levels of your campaigns.

Chat complaint is nan caller CTR for AdWords connection extensions

2018: Google would rotation retired connection reporting metrics successful nan adjacent fewer weeks for nan US, nan UK, Canada and different countries.

Google Local Pack Displaying Logos In Web Search Results

2015: Google was testing a caller section battalion successful nan web hunt results that displayed maps positive logos and pictures of nan business listing.

Google Mobile Multi-Colored Line Separators Now Live

2015: Google seemed to beryllium rolling retired nan caller mobile interface wherever they showed Googley colored statement separators successful nan mobile hunt results.

Google, Wal-Mart Breakup Suggests Problems Ahead For Local Inventory Ads

2015: Wal-Mart reportedly had plans to connection inventory data straight to its shoppers done and its mobile app, alternatively than done an intermediary.

Google To Publishers Concerned Over The Knowledge Graph; Searchers Still Need Your Content

2014: While Google’s extremity is to springiness searchers a speedy answer, location is nary substitute for nan searcher to do deeper investigation by clicking into nan sources provided successful nan Google hunt results.

Google’s New Look Search Results: Still An Experiment

2014: Google’s caput of search, Amit Singhal, said “we’re ever experimenting” and this creation trial was conscionable that, 1 of Google’s experiments.

Google Reviewing “Not Provided,” Withholding Keywords From Organic But Not Paid Search Clicks

2014: Google said it was reexamining nan rumor and seeking a amended solution.

Google Confirms Giant Banner Ad Test Is Dead

2014: The test only ran successful nan U.S. and was small with astir 30 advertisers participating and banners showing connected astir 5% of hunt queries.

Google Adds Concert Dates To Knowledge Graph

2014: Concert accusation for a musician would beryllium pulled from nan artist’s charismatic website if nan tract included system information markup.

Yahoo Goes Live With Yelp Local Reviews

2014: When you clicked connected “read each  . . .  reviews” aliases “write a review” you were taken to nan Yelp floor plan aliases reappraisal page for nan circumstantial business.

Google Launches Help Center For Hacked Sites

2013: Complete pinch step-by-step instructions and videos that outlined each portion of nan process. 

Will Google Now For iPhone & iPad Boost Google Search App Usage?

2013: A promotional video suggested nan Google Search App for iOS whitethorn beryllium gaining Google Now support.

It’s Official: Google Settles “WiSpy” Case For $7 Million

2013: Google had to return further measures to amended labor and consumers astir information privacy.

Facebook: No Plans For An External Search Engine

2013: Facebook was focused connected improving hunt from wrong Facebook done Graph Search.

Google Webmaster Tools Revamps Crawl Errors, But Is It For The Better?

2012: Unfortunately, respective pieces of important functionality were mislaid pinch this change.

Survey Paradox: People Like Google But Not What It’s Doing

2012: Survey respondents had a very affirmative position of hunt and nan value of hunt results. Yet nan mostly gave an unequivocal thumbs down to hunt personalization (and behavioral targeting).

Google’s Easter Eggs For Binary, Octal & Hexadecimal

2012: The easter ovum showed nan worth of nan results successful those number systems.

Microsoft’s Photosynth App Goes Worldwide After 6 Million US Downloads

2012: Photosynth made it elemental to create photograph panoramas without immoderate further stitching/editing required.

Four Sites Impacted By Google’s “Farmer Update” Speak Out

2012: Reactions from section organization directory; merchandise reviews site Buzzillions; mini business networking site MerchantCircle; and merchandise hunt engine TheFind.

Bing Apologizes For Japan Quake Tweet

2011: In nan arguable tweet, Bing promised to donate $1 to quake alleviation for each retweet, up to a maximum $100,000 donation.

Google Adds Microdata Support For Rich Snippets

2010: In summation to microformats and RDFa support, Google had added microdata support, which was portion of nan HTML5 specification.

Can Google Stay In China And Still Save Face?

2010: China’s no-compromise-on-censorship position was reiterated by a top-level Chinese minister.

Yahoo Goes Hollywood With New TV, Celebrity Shortcuts

2010: The TV shortcut showed nan title and a short synopsis of nan adjacent episode, on pinch video clips and links to spot photos, nan show’s schedule and an episodes list.

Google Explains How Search Ads Rank & Cost

2009: A video showed really Google prices and ranks hunt ads successful nan AdWords strategy based connected value and bid.

Google Improves Image Search For iPhone & Android

2009: You could spot up to 20 images connected a azygous page. When you clicked connected nan specifications of that image you could position a larger thumbnail, sojourn nan web page, aliases position it successful afloat size.

Google Voice: Next Generation Telco?

2009: Google announced a wide scope of caller services nether nan banner of Google Voice.

Yahoo SearchMonkey Accepts Videos, Games & Documents – No Application Required

2009: Flash video, games, and documents could now beryllium embedded into Yahoo hunt results pinch only a fewer lines of code.

Twitter’s Traffic Growth & The Rise Of Social Search

2009: There were a batch of stats and analyses astir Twitter’s traffic, really it compared to different societal hunt sites, and who benefited from each nan postulation Twitter tin send.

Google Exec Tim Armstrong Named New AOL Chairman & CEO

2009: One of Google’s longest serving executives, Tim Armstrong, was departing nan institution to go AOL’s caller president and CEO, replacing existing chair and CEO Randy Falco.

Open Letter To Google: Do The Right Thing, Divest Yourself Of Performics

2008: Why spinning disconnected Performics needed to beryllium a priority.

Message In A Bottle: Google Now Stores Messages For Unverified Webmaster Central Users

2008: Google announced it would person webmaster connection messages waiting for webmasters moreover if they person not yet verified their tract in Google Webmaster Tools.

“Google Earth Town” Nanaimo Wires Self To Google Maps To Drive Tourism

2008: Nanaimo, a British Columbia municipality connected Vancouver Island, was besides known arsenic “Google Earth Town” aliases “the superior of Google Earth.”

News Corp. Appears To Close Door As AOL Opens One To A Potential Deal With Yahoo

2008: Were nan stars aligning for a imaginable Yahoo-AOL confederation successful an effort to reside some companies’ woes?

Health Insurance Carrier Aetna Introduces Personalized Health Search From Healthline

2008: Vertical wellness destination and hunt engine Healthline teamed up pinch US wellness security bearer Aetna to connection what nan institution called Aetna SmartSource – customized wellness search.

Search Biz: Google’s Project Management Tools, Iowa Seeks Microsoft, & More

2008: Click Forensics sewage $10 cardinal successful funding; an early Googler donated money to San Jose State; nan conflict to power IAC carried connected and more.

Google Warning Against Letting Your Search Results Get Indexed

2007: The days of doing a Google hunt that brought up results starring to search results from different sites were heading for a close.

Google Rumored To Have Dish Networks TV Ads Deal

2007: Google and Dish Networks were reportedly going to motion a TV advertisement deal.

Google Print & Radio Ads A Success All Around

2007: Advertisers and publishers were happy pinch early tests from Google’s Print Ads and Audio Ads.

How Much Is ‘Local Search’ Really Worth?

2007: A roundup of various section online advertizing forecasts and immoderate position connected what nan “local hunt market” whitethorn beryllium worth.

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