This 'Problem Child' Bank in Europe Is Triggering Anxiety About the Financial System, Again

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Sometimes a problem kid acts retired successful class, and sometimes they rattle nan world banking sector.

Panic complete nan illness of 2 banks successful nan U.S. mightiness person gone genuinely world this week arsenic shares successful a Switzerland-based bank, Credit Suisse Group AG, cratered astir 30% from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Per nan New York Times, nan S&P 500 successful nan U.S. and markets successful Europe took dings arsenic investors seemed spooked by ongoing issues pinch Credit Suisse and nan nonaccomplishment of Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

The S&P 500 was down astir 1.6% from Tuesday.

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Over nan past week, nan national authorities seized power of 2 banks (and secured customer deposits) aft disclosed losses from SVB triggered a slope run, nan second of which Signature Bank said it besides experienced. Financial systems are interconnected, and it's easy for thing called "contagion" to happen, wherever struggles successful 1 area dispersed to another.

Regional slope stocks successful nan U.S. picked backmost up connected Tuesday, but worry roared backmost erstwhile Credit Suisse, thing of a European banking "problem child," per nan Wall Street Journal, said issues successful its strategy produced flaws successful its financial reporting — not ones that changed its results meaningfully, but capable to origin concern, nan outlet added.

Then, Saudi National Bank (SNB), nan biggest shareholder of nan bank, said connected Bloomberg TV that it couldn't thief retired Credit Suisse anymore, per nan WSJ. The slope owns 9.9% of Credit Suisse.

"It's a regulatory issue," nan president of nan SNB, Ammar Al Khudairy, told Reuters. "We cannot because we would spell supra 10%."

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Major banks successful Europe besides saw banal pauses and declines of complete 10% successful stock price, per news reports. Whether nan contagion will beryllium contained besides remains to beryllium seen.

Credit Suisse Chairman Axel Lehmann defended nan slope successful a sheet this week, per CNBC.

"We are regulated, we person beardown superior ratios, very beardown equilibrium sheet. We are each hands connected deck. So that's not nan taxable whatsoever," he said, referring to thief from nan government.

The slope was already raising eyebrows successful nan autumn aft respective scandals, which see pleading blameworthy to not succeeding astatine preventing money laundering successful June, being forced to salary damages aft an advisor committed fraud, and a ungraded that progressive defrauding investors complete a tuna finance loan, per Reuters.