Twitter launches new ‘Unskippable’ video marketing series

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Twitter has launched a caller acquisition bid named ‘Unskippable,’ consisting of 8 parts focused connected video trading and creating video promotions that guidelines retired connected nan Twitter feed.

The bid is portion of Twitter’s free acquisition level called ‘Flight School,’ which offers insights into cardinal advertizing champion practices connected Twitter. Twitter’s imaginative team, which helps advertisers nutrient thousands of top-performing ads connected nan level each year, has provided nan tips and proposal successful nan series. With astir 70% of Twitter’s apical advertisers stopping aliases reducing their spending connected Twitter, this whitethorn beryllium a bully clip to trial retired Twitter ads and capitalize connected caller opportunities to get your promotions seen.

What you’ll learn. The bid intends to supply a applicable overview of each nan basal elements required for creating compelling video clips. It is designed for creatives, by creatives, and doesn’t conscionable thatch nan champion practices but besides provides insights connected really to instrumentality them creatively. Each video is astir 2 minutes long, making it convenient to consume.

The nitty gritty. I collapsed down each video into its main takeaways. Here’s what they said.

Video 1: Creating Attention. This video was an preamble to nan series. The big discussed what attraction is and really advertisers and creators tin execute attraction done video. The big says that by providing location and discourse successful each video, brands will spot longer position times, amended engagement, and “excellent KPIs.”

Video 2: The Right Video Size. What video sizes activity champion connected Twitter. The speaker claims that location is virtually nary quality betwixt 1:1 and 16:9 facet ratios. Performance depends connected really you usage nan space. Avoid achromatic barroom aliases letterbox content. The large takeaway? “Impact is gained, not given.”

Video 3: The Right Video Length. Think astir nan clip you’re asking your assemblage to walk connected a portion of contented and really you tin make that clip spent arsenic worthwhile arsenic possible. Get your brand’s cardinal connection crossed and let your assemblage to move on.

Video 4: The Right Video Layout. Where you spot elements of your video tin make a immense effect connected performance. There are 3 different locations that correspond premier locations for accusation to live:

  • Top left
  • Top right
  • Bottom center

Think of an envelope, pinch nan return address, who nan message is being sent to, and nan stamp.

Video 5: Creating Engagement. “Depth” is simply a captious constituent of creating contented that group want to prosecute with. By creating contented pinch depth, It’s a earthy trigger to nan quality encephalon that it’s thing that tin beryllium engaged and interacted with. Create contented pinch extent and you’ll move group to return action.

Video 6: Providing Utility and Clarity. By providing utility, you’re telling your assemblage why they should interact. It answers nan mobility of “what worth does engaging, clicking, aliases installing bring?” Clarity intends simplifying your worth prop to guarantee your assemblage is stepping distant pinch a crystal clear message.

Video 7: Pairing Copy & Captions. The video explored 3 rules for making a awesome quality successful your Tweet copy.

  • Keep it brief
  • Make it additive alternatively than disparate aliases redundant
  • Use a hashtag (only one)

Adding captions accrued nan position complaint by almost 30%, truthful adhd them erstwhile possible, and get creative.

Video 8: Breaking nan 4th Wall. Speak straight to nan assemblage and break down nan obstruction betwixt marque and fan. Grab your audience’s attraction quickly, whether done provender disruption, breaking nan 4th wall, aliases talking straight to your audience.

By utilizing those tactics, you tin boost metrics specified as:

  • Watch times
  • Brand awareness
  • Message association

What Twitter says.

“Receiving a database of champion practices is ever helpful, but it tin beryllium reliable to construe a database of do’s and don’ts into a high-performing video. Content tin go watered down erstwhile each extremity connected nan database is implemented successful a azygous advertisement without due attraction – losing its intermezo worth and imaginative spark. That’s why this people was created for creatives, by creatives, and doesn’t conscionable thatch you what nan champion practices are, but really to usage them to deliberation astir and attack your adjacent portion of content.”

Dig deeper. You tin entree nan videos here.

Why we care. Video has go a ascendant format successful nan integer trading landscape, and its value continues to grow. Advertisers must enactment informed astir champion practices and strategies to make their video contented guidelines retired and resonate pinch their target audience.