ValueMomentum supports Pekin Insurance expansion in Utah

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ValueMomentum, a supplier of IT services and solutions for insurers, has collaborated pinch Pekin Insurance to roll-out a commercialized lines offering successful a caller state, Utah.

ValueMomentum collaborated pinch Pekin Insurance to configure its Guidewire InsuranceSuite pinch commercialized lines for nan authorities of Utah – arsenic portion of a fixed interest engagement.

Pekin Insurance’s imagination is to grow its commercialized lines business into further states to create a beingness beyond nan Midwest and thrust growth.

The Utah implementation entailed implementing commercialized auto, workers’ compensation, business owners’ policy, commercialized package product, and commercialized umbrella successful Guidewire InsuranceSuite and Guidewire ProducerEngage.

Pekin Insurance said nan Utah authorities description engagement will beryllium optimised to service arsenic a template for early geographic description initiatives.

ValueMomentum has been engaged pinch its Guidewire InsuranceSuite exertion providing exertion management, integration, testing and much precocious upgrade services to nan Guidewire Cloud Platform done its business pinch Guidewire.

Amy Bingham, main accusation serviceman astatine Pekin Insurance, said, “We are pleased pinch ValueMomentum’s elastic and cost-effective mill transportation model, and early results from nan description are positive. As we facilitate nan take of a product-centric business exemplary operating done agile practices, we look guardant to nan elasticity and agility afforded by ValueMomentum’s engagement exemplary and its expertise pinch security and technology.”

James Carlucci, executive vice president, Insurance astatine ValueMomentum, added, “We admit our long-standing business pinch Pekin Insurance and nan privilege to lend to their maturation objectives. We are proud of our task teams who tie connected ValueMomentum’s heavy spot & casualty security expertise, master Guidewire world organization of practice, and nan devices & assets that alteration rapid, agile and high-quality deliveries to thrust awesome worth to our clients’ initiatives.”

Last year, Ivans’ genitor institution Applied Systems acquired commercialized lines standing solution for mini business security Tarmika.

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