WealthTechs Confluence, FundGuard partner up

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WealthTechs Confluence, FundGuard partner up

Confluence Technologies has collaborated pinch unreality native, AI-powered finance accounting level FundGuard.

This woody will harvester functionality from Confluence’s money management level Unity and Revolution, pinch FundGuard’s finance accounting platform. Through this they dream to amended operational ratio and streamline money reporting for plus managers, plus owners, and money administrators.

The Unity and Performance and Risk platforms automate and merge captious money management processes, including nan collection, creation, confirmation and transportation of finance products.

FundGuard supplies plus managers and their work providers pinch a integer multi-book finance accounting level pinch real-time information that is easy integrated crossed each workflows.

Their associated capabilities will support faster and much accordant reporting, allowing customers to grip much costs pinch less resources and destruct errors.

Speaking connected nan deal, Confluence managing head Tom Pfister said, “With ever-evolving regulations a portion of today’s reality, customers are demanding money reporting systems that are fast, integrated, accordant and easy to use. Confluence’s UnityTM and UnityTM NXT Regulatory Reporting platforms complemented by FundGuard’s solution strengthens transportation quality, and drives regulatory-compliant results pinch speed, scale, and efficiency.”

FundGuard president John Lehner added, “Our shared extremity to thief customers streamline their operations while navigating progressively analyzable information challenges has led america to an optimised solution that combines strengths from some platforms to present nan champion imaginable customer acquisition and outcomes.”

FundGuard antecedently raised $40m for its Series B backing round, which was backed by Citi, State Street, Blumberg Capital, LionBird Ventures, Team8 Capital and others.

In different WealthTech news, Masttro, a WealthTech patient that manages nan wealthiness of ultra-high-net-worth families, raised $43m successful a maturation equity investment. The institution offers a instrumentality suite that uses information and AI to instrumentality a framework for wealthiness information extraction, processing and analysis.

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