What is a Soft Launch? This is the meaning and 5 big benefits for business

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In order for a product to be released properly and optimally, one very important step to take is to do a soft launch .

This type of product release is commonly known as a trial. This is because the introduced product or service is carried out briefly so that you can find feedback on the initial version.

So, for those of you who want to know more about soft launching , both its goals and benefits, keep reading this article until it's finished.


1 Definition of Soft Launch

2 Purpose of Soft Launch

2.1 1. Gaining Insight from Customer Habits

2.2 2. Optimizing Offers

2.3 3. Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

2.4 4. Create a Buzz

2.5 5. Planning Product Success

3 Benefits of Soft Launching

3.1 1. Low Cost

3.2 2. Obtain Additional Trials/Testing

3.3 3. Getting more precise feedback

3.4 4. Attracting Customers

3.5 5. Eliminating Product Shortages

4 Cover

Definition of Soft Launch

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Reporting from the Marketing91 page,soft launching is the release of a product or service to several groups of customers or users before the official release is carried out.

This soft launch is one of the marketing strategies in which manufacturers will first introduce the initial version of a product.

By carrying out soft launching activities , the company tries to get feedback from users so they can improve their products or services before entering competition in the market.

Soft launching is widely known as beta test products , in which the company will introduce and provide information regarding what is in the final stages of a product.

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Soft Launch Goals

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Quoted from the Feed Dough page , although there are goals for each company, the general goals of a soft launch are as follows:

1. Gain Insight from Customer Habits

By doing a soft launch , the company tries so that its customers can provide feedback for the development of the final product or the full version of the product.

The existence of this activity will help companies to be able to understand customer habits regarding the use of their products or services.

2. Optimizing Offers

Based on experience and also insight from product use, the company can later improve its product offerings. Based on this activity, later customers will be able to recognize product deficiencies that are forgotten when the production process takes place,

Thus, the company will be able to understand the most appropriate way to optimize the offer or the various values ​​that are highlighted when the product is officially released.

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3. Building an Effective  Marketing Strategy

Apart from being able to get feedback on products, soft launching activities will also be able to determine what marketingstrategies will be effective to use later. For that, soft launching only requires low marketing efforts.

After knowing the various values ​​that will be put forward, the company will be able to make marketing strategies that are more attractive to customers.

4. Create a Buzz

In marketing , buzz is a word of mouth promotion. Every company must have a unique sales strategy in order to attract the attention of customers.

With a soft launch , the company can use a market strategy in order to be able to introduce its products and also create a buzz related to these products.

5. Plan for Product Success 

Soft launching activities will also assist companies in obtaining an overview regarding the success of the products or services they offer in the market.

This will allow the company to plan and estimate the demand for the products that will be offered, as well as how the product's official release activities should be carried out.

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Soft Launch Benefits

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When everything has gone digital, the soft launch will be able to give a good first impression in the eyes of customers.

In addition, there are at least five advantages and benefits that you can get from carrying out this activity, namely:

1. Low Cost 

As explained earlier, soft launching requires minimal effort. For this reason, a soft launch activity will not require a large amount of money. However, the product will still be able to be released by the company and properly introduced to customers.

2. Obtain Additional Trials/ Testing

soft launch will be an additional way to test a product or service. When a product or service is entering the soft launching stage and is used by selected customers, then this is a good strategy for testing.

In addition, it is also able to minimize the risk of decreasing brand reputation due to the product itself.

3. Get more precise feedback

Allowing a product to be tested by selected customers will allow you to implement changes. The presence of this feedback will provide changes that can be implemented in order to develop products or be carried out in the development of other products.

The company will also be able to get feedback and build priority changes to be made and maximize the customer experience.

4. Attract Customers

The purpose of releasing a product or service is of course to be able to attract customers to make a purchase.

If the company holds a soft launch , customers will be more interested in knowing the changes and product development that will be carried out when the official release is later.

So, that's when the soft launch marketing strategy will succeed, because there will be many interested customers when the hard launch is carried out.

5. Eliminating Product Shortages

Every insight received will become the company's main and best weapon in correcting deficiencies and problems in a product or service. In addition, the results of this activity can also cancel a project if it is felt that it will not be successful in reaching the expected target audience.

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Those are the things you should know about soft launching . But before the soft launch is carried out , there is a product or service development, and various other stages that must be carried out. These various things certainly require the right budget in order to run smoothly.

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