Zemen Bank links with Netcetera

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Zemen Bank has collaborated pinch Netcetera to connection elemental online payments to its customers while maintaining costs security.

Zemen said it wanted to prosecute pinch Netcetera, an knowledgeable integer subordinate pinch nan correct integer package to let them to return disconnected successful nan African payments marketplace and connection customers a seamless online costs experience.

The marketplace for integer payments is increasing steadily successful Ethiopia, arsenic much and much customers summation amended entree to e-Commerce sites and want to shop from their mobile devices.

The number of eCommerce consumers successful Ethiopia is projected to scope 44.2 cardinal users successful 2025. This intends issuers request to group up robust costs processing systems which let soft and unafraid connection of information betwixt issuers, merchants and acquirers.

Netcetera’s Access Control Server allows Zemen to authenticate cardholders online pinch multi-factor authentication and forestall fraudulent payments.

Together, they worked to onboard customer cards and are now enabling Zemen Bank customers to make simple, unafraid e-commerce transactions pinch each costs paper schemes, while ensuring information for financial data.

Zemen Bank CIO Amha Tadesse said, “We are excited to partner pinch Netcetera successful providing a unafraid e-commerce costs ecosystem to our clients and to beforehand E-Commerce marketplaces captious for Ethiopia’s integer strategy 2025”. We appreciated Netcetera’s professionalism, elasticity and mounting of realistic goals for our project. The broad onboarding besides allowed america to person each our questions answered and research caller functions.”

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